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How artists earn through Spenowr by showcasing artwork!

Are you an Artists who creates great artwork but always wondered:

  • How to get target audience attention 
  • How can I market my portfolio to get buyer’s or investor’s visibility
  • How can I be able to sell my products or services

Then Spenowr is the answer, which can facilitate you with below features

  • Upload any art craft products you might have to sell and take orders from the Spenowr’s user base or visitors. We can also help you to make your product visible as featured products, so that you get maximum exposure
  • Upload slow motion videos of your artwork, and gather reward points to redeem for cash or gift
  • Upload your artwork under respective category, sub category so that Spenowr’s art craft lovers can find you and your artwork
  • Update your profile with contact information, social media fan pages, your team etc.
  • Sign up or register for free
  • Join and leverage Spenowr’s social media accounts to reach it’s existing user base to showcase your artwork and sell your services and products. Below are the social media accounts, which you should join to begin with

 Spenowr helps Artists earn either directly through reward points which can be redeemed for cash or gift vouchers, OR indirectly where your updated profile and portfolio attracts investors and corporations to get you art craft projects.

So this is how it works to get eligible for rewards and get it redeemed for gift vouchers or cash.

  • Post which, you are eligible to get reward points into your wallet (available within your Spenowr’s account). Please note, each reward point is equivalent to 1 Rupees (INR)
  • Post approval, Spenowr team will make necessary edits to make it looks professional and release under Spenowr banner, so that they can popularize it through their channel
  • You need to create slow motion video of 10-15 mins and upload it through your profile for Spenowr’s administrator’s review and approval
  • You need to post the edited video and actual artwork in your Social media account by tagging Spenowr and also post it into Spenowr’s Facebook public group. Make sure you get at least 50 Likes and 10 Shares of your post. 
  • Below are the amounts you can expect to earn, per video and art work you create
    Type Time Lapse Video Duration Reward Money
    Simple Art / Craft 10 Min Video 150 INR
    Medium complexity (2 -8 hours effort) Art / Craft work 10 Min Video 250 INR
    Complex Art / Craft,, which takes more than a day 15 Min Video 500 INR

Please note, above are direct approaches to earning from your art craft or any creative work, where as soon as you submit the work, you get paid irrespective of whether your art craft is being viewed by anybody or not, or being popular or not which is unique about Spenowr compared to other platforms.

But even if you don’t have videos or cannot create, then also Spenowr can help you earn indirectly, if you keep your profile up to date and keep it content rich.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Make sure you join Spenowr’s social media fan pages and public group and share the video to get likes and shares
  • You can always redeem after you reach minimum reward balance of 500
  • You are eligible for reward points, if the content is approved by Spenowr administrators and the approval is completely dependent on the Spenowr team.
  • Redemption of reward points` be Gift vouchers of e-commerce platforms or can be direct cash to you
  • When you leverage Spenowr to sell products, Spenowr will keep 1.5% of commission per sale



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