Enjoyed The Moments

  • Author : Spenowr
  • Category : Singing

Shweta and Pushpa were very good friends since childhood. Pushpa was younger than Shweta and enjoyed all liberties. They met every day at 10 pm. Pushpa had a scooter. Shweta worked while Pushpa was a student. The two used to be in bad mood. Shweta used to be frustrated because of office and Pushpa used to be scolded by her mother or would suffer heartbreak every second day as her friends would leave her and run away. The two would speak for hours and roam in scooty at night. Their needs were small. On Thursday they would go to the temple to see handsome guys. The pandit knew that these girls had come to see the crowd and not seek blessings from the almighty.
Every weekend they would eat South Indian food from a restaurant or get some juices. Shweta learned to roam from Pushpa. Shweta's mother was cool and whenever Pushpa's mother complained she would say to let them enjoy themselves. Pushpa's mother couldn't even say anything to anyone. The two birds were free and flying. Shweta bought a car after two years and the two would run away in the car to buy flavored milk bottles. They would halt at a place and drink. Then a police car would seem to come from the opposite direction. The two would hide but the policemen would be busy chasing guys. The two would continue their enjoyment.
Tea at stalls, eating at small outlets, and a handful of popcorn in a theater where tickets were cheap were all the things they needed to be happy.
Shweta and Pushpa decided to go to Haridwar. After a lot of persuasions, Pushpa's mother agreed. The two left by train. They bathed in Ganga and then left for Rishikesh in an auto. After traveling for two hours they reached a resort. It was a new resort. From the market, the two purchased four flavored milk bottles each. The resort was beautiful with Ganga flowing. It was at a lower level. Pushpa was good at trekking and able to walk easily. Shweta struggled to move with her heavy weight and kept slipping before reaching the entrance of the resort. There were only two people with four dogs. They chatted and drank the milk. In the night Pushpa's father called and when they got to know that they had come to Rishikesh they fired the two. But the girls were having a time of their life. In the morning they reached Haridwar and then took the train back home. This was their only trip but it was a memorable one.
Happiness is a choice, two people with small needs can be happily provided they get along well. Fill your life with joys and smiles.

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