Why sell on Spenowr

Spenowr is one of the leading marketplace for listing and showcasing art & craft related products online. Our Marketplace is a unique opportunity for artists or art related businesses to list their creations/artwork on the platform and mark them to be sold through shopping cart or mark them to be available through local pick up only.

Benefits of selling through Spenowr

Below are the simple steps you can follow to be able to list your products on the marketplace.

  • Spenowr is not a generalized e-commerce platform and is purely focused on the creative industry. So this gives you better visibility to reach targeted audience across the world

  • You don’t have to pay any membership fee to Signup as it’s completely free

  • There is no commission fee which is a big advantage, as we don’t take any percentage from your earnings and you get 100% of the amount your artwork deserved

  • Easier selling experience, as you get faster approval for your seller profile and can get paid quicker

  • Community engagement and marketing exposure

  • Multiple options available to advertise your art & handicrafts

  • You can even list the events (Art Fair/Workshops) you are organizing or the events you are showcasing your product

  • Earn through rewards as you refer your friends or write about Spenowr

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about images

How to sell through Spenowr

Below are the simple steps you can follow to be able to list your products on the marketplace.

  • Signupas an individual artist or business

  • Update / enrich your profile with social media links

  • Click “Enable Seller Profile” from your profile, which will request to provide identification details that will go through verification process

  • Once approved, you will see"Sell My Artwork" section in your profile, which will allow you to upload your art products for sell

  • Make sure you provide price details or mark the product for "Local pickup only"

  • Make sure, you upload high quality photos of your product

  • If any buyer purchased your product, you will get notified and then you should check "Received Order" section under "Sell My Artwork" section

  • If any art lover contacts you, then you can read and respond them through the "Message Center"

  • For any questions, please contact us or email tosupport@spenowr.com

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