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Toys To Improve Hand-eye Coordination In Infant/toddlers

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An Overview

Hand-eye coordination, also known as eye-hand coordination, is an important perceptual-motor skill children develop during their early times. Find out what it is, why it's important to develop, and how you can help your children make their coordinate with simple games and conditioning.

What is Hand-Eye Co-ordination?

Hand-eye coordination is the capability to perform movements with the hands while being guided by the eyes. A child’s hands and sight work together to perform tasks. 

Occasionally these tasks need to be done with speed and delicacy, similar to when catching a ball.

How to improve your child's co-ordination?

The development of hand-eye coordination is a process that occurs naturally while children are playing. Learning should always be delightful. 

You can encourage your children by allowing them large blocks of time to play freely every day, as well as by engaging your child in specific open-air games and activities that work this skill. 

For parents and grandparents of very youthful children, the leaves are a fun time to spoil those children with all feathers of bright, various presents. But why not also buy them some toys that will help improve their hand-eye coordination? 

For the first six months of their lives, babies use their hands and eyes independently. Proper hand-eye coordination means they can perform both conditioning simultaneously, allowing them to be more active actors in the world. Toys that improve hand-eye collaboration will help improve a child’s response times and increase their productivity. They will also help improve their visual perception skills, which will help them read and reuse information when in literacy.

Below is a list of five great toy suggestions:

Building blocks: This classic toy teaches children how to stack items on top of each other. As your child’s coordination develops, they can also build larger objects, like buildings or whatever else their imagination comes up with, with their blocks.

Stackable toys: Toy sets, like stackable rings in decreasing sizes and different colors, are excellent options. Not only does the child learn how to put the rings on the stacking pole, but they also learn to identify different colors and sizes.

Large stringing beads: These toys teach a child to string a rope through a small hole. However, parents should be cautious with these toys, as the strings can be a choking hazard for young children.

Connecting toys: Tinker Toys, Duplo bricks, and the like are all very beneficial for children. The skills needed to connect these toys will only develop with practice, and your children can build some fun, exciting creations, too.

Puzzles: Whether they’re boards with simple shapes cut into them or more complex interlocking pieces, your child will learn about how different shapes go together and interlock. They will also learn that they can create new, complete images from these smaller pieces.

1. Fun Marble Drop

The smiling face cartoon cup drop marbles in a relay format. Marble into the Cup at the top and cock the Cup under its weight, which will keep falling down from Cup to Cup. Drop The Marbles In And Watch Them Go. Hours Of Family Fun Building Your Own Variations For Creative Play Lots of Learning Creative Thinking, Fine Motor Skills, Problem working, Social Skills, Builds Imagination, Instils Confidence, Stem literacy. Note Chocking hazard for kiddies below 3 Times. Please make sure that kiddies play it with adult supervision!!!


2. Hammer Toy

  • Brightly colored, smooth-sanded pieces help make an early shape, color, and size isolation skills 
  • Hammer Ball will help develop gross & fine motor chops, hand-eye collaboration, and attention inanition to relieving stress 

When the balls have been pounded in all the way they roll back out, ready to start the fun over again 

Hammer Ball helps your toddler to honor different colors and match them with well-made attractively and various balls and enhances wrist strength. Made of wood with safe and non-toxic materials



3. Giant Wheel

  • The Beautiful Giant Wheel is Handmade by Indian Artisans.
  • Enhances cognitive development and Strengthen Hand-Eye Coordination 
  • Parents can rotate the wheel to make toddler smile with curiosity 
  • Not to be washed, to clean use a mildly damp cloth and Avoid blows against hard shells 

Please note that wood being a natural material reacts else to atmospheric changes which are beyond our control.




4. Wooden Stacker

Stack circles in diameter descending order to make a layer. mounding circles improve attention and develop problem-working skills, eye-hand collaboration, and wrist agility. Enhance motor skills, cognitive skills, and fine skills. Wooden learning toys are recommended for children above 3 years of age.




5. Jumbo Bead Stacker

Toy for kids to know counting and colors while stacking. Develop fine motor coordination, problem-solving ability, motor skills, and arithmetic skills. Learning toys are suggested for children above 2 years of age.




6. Car Ramp Racer

It’s a very sweet play set but 2 of the cars have fallen apart after only many weeks of play. The wheels come off and are a serious choking hazard. I can attest that this set wasn't played with in a rough way and the little cars were only used to drive down the ramp and on the bottom. So sad because this set is loved by both us and our little girl.




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