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Light Conquers Darkness

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Light conquers Darkness

It was a cloudy day on the day of Dussehra, this year.

Hiya and Keya were assigned the job of taking some homemade sweets to their Grandmother. It was only a ten-minute walk and they made their way to Grandma’s home with their umbrellas. Since it was on their way to school, the route was quite familiar to them. But when they turned the corner, they noticed the same set of college students who had made it a habit of making fun of girls passing by that road. They were not expecting to see them since it is a holiday but the miscreants were on the prowl.

Usually, the girls were accompanied by their friends on the way to school or back home.

One of the boys whistled when they saw them go by. Another came really close to Hiya and tried to snatch the bag of sweets from her. She reacted by stomping his foot hard. This only irritated him more. He started verbally abusing the girls.

Keya yelled out, looking him in the eye while moving ahead with her sister, “How would you like it if anyone treats your mom or sister in the same way?” He was momentarily taken aback but then came from behind to grab her hair. She used her elbows to strike him. The boys continued to follow them. The girls looked around to see if any of the people on the road had noticed what was going on.

Just then, they saw a lady in the vicinity blow a whistle. Two more ladies came out of nowhere and caught up with the offenders and confronted them. Apparently, they were functioning as undercover agents and were acting on repeated complaints from the area. The sisters then high-tailed it out of there and reached their Grandma’s house.

As night approached and they were back home, the whole family watched together the towering effigies of demon King Ravana being burnt down.

 This reminded them no matter what “Good always triumphs over Evil”



-       Sunitha Muralidharan

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