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Holi Hues

Colorful powders fill the air, Joy and laughter everywhere, Smeared faces, vibrant hues, Holi brings a lively muse. Traditions old, spirits new, May this festival bring happiness true.

An Overview

Garima Mishra is a divine writer and engineer originally from Bihar, India. She is continuing her bachelor’s in Food Technology at Swami Vivekanand Subharti University, Meerut, and has an internship in Creative Writing. After starting in food technology, she embarked upon a career as a writer and editor. 

Following the life of the writer, Garima takes the seemingly ordinary and transforms it into a story filled with lively love characters. Writing allows Garima to express her emotions the author’s personality and feelings. Her poetry contains themes that resonate profoundly with the younger generation, as she explores common subjects such as the stress of board examinations.


After completing her primary education in Bihar, she went to Delhi for higher education. Garima indulged in poetry and Shayari at a very young age which influenced her to become a poet later in her life. She is an engineering student and reading and writing poems and stories is her primary hobby. Her favorite topic of reading is fiction and children’s stories touch on life whether it's sad, motivational, inspirational, or happy.
When she was sitting bored in the lockdown she got the idea of writing a book. That led to her debut with the Spenowr contest. She is currently trying to publish her stories in an anthology.

As the first lockdown was introduced in India, everyone was filled with fear, apprehension of what was to come, and the trepidation of a new life of social distancing and masks. She tries to learn Shayari from Instagram accounts and motivates them. She started to research through Google, YouTube videos, and Instagram Shayari, and through hard work, she wrote her first Shayari and feel amazing and something else that can’t be expressed in words then he practices daily now she is not facing any difficulty writing Shayari.

An avid reader, as well as a spoken word poet, Garima has since gone on to participate in many literary competitions, hoping to motivate young people like her to express themselves through the mediums of art and literature.

Her Instagram Id is: @garimamishra_0

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 Garima Mishra has received many awards in writers' Exhibitions

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Awards / Recognition

Year-End Writings Contest 2022
Year-End Writings Contest 2022

Issued By:  Spenowr

Wins 3rd position in the "Short Poem" category

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