Milind Bhanji

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Maharashtra, India


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    Shiva Temple


    Budhas way


    Gondeshwar Temple INDIA


    Godavari Temple


    Waiting For GOD Shiva


    Angkor Temple



    Milind Bhanji has been awarded with numerous National and International awards, prizes, certificates
    By:©Milind Bhanji


    His Paintings and Landscapes is an emotional and aesthetic experience of the subject for audience.
    By:©Milind Bhanji
    Milind Bhanji

    Painting services as theme and requirements

    His journey

    Milind Bhanji, a painting, contemporary, and landscape artist. His art education in Dip. in Art Education from J. J. School of Art, Mumbai and G. D. Art (Painting) from Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalaya, Pune with 1st class.

    He was inspired by Rembrandt and started experimenting with realistic compositions and landscapes. Milind used human figures and nature in his paintings.

    He developed his visual expressions over the years owing to useful associations and interactions with several contemporary artists. This led to his establishment as a fine artist very soon in the present contemporary art world. Milind Bhanji works in oil and acrylic colors on canvas in 'UNIQUE' styles. His paintings mainly focus on human figures and nature in his paintings.



    20 + Yrs. Milind has showcased his works in exhibitions and group shows in India and International platform. Milind has successfully conducted his shows and has been appreciated for his artwork.

    A well-known artist Milind Bhanji has recently created innovative work in acrylic and oil colors. These being glorious, unique, and picturesque in their own way, highlight the nostalgic memories associated with the cityscapes.

    His Paintings elaborate on human figures and ancient temples in India. Milind Bhanji paints using an evolved and unique roller and Knife technique in the form. His emphasis on and its vivid norms reveal the relevant aesthetics and the desired standards of glory in each work that is unique in its own way. The artist has a fine sense of art, skillful use of brush, rollers, Knife, and other techniques highlighting the enlightenment and visual panorama of extravagance through relevant motifs, idioms, and metaphors.

    Milind Bhanji is an award-winning Indian artist whose paintings have been extensively exhibited on a national and international level.


    A professional artist since the very beginning, Milind has been awarded numerous awards and accolades, including that State Art Award Maharashtra and many.

    His whimsical watercolors on paper depicting pigs are as unique as they are thought-provoking. His works are not limited to the porcine, he covers other subjects in his paintings too.


    His creative paintings

     All you need to paint is a few tools, a little instruction, and a vision in your mind,” he said.



    His Paintings and Landscapes are an emotional and aesthetic experience of the subject for the audience to give an experience of beauty and throughs to the audience”.

    His experimentation and aesthetic experience are conveyed through his paintings. Each painting and landscape light and shadow applied with a shade similar to nature. His style in watercolor is fluid and transparent, giving a realistic and aesthetic feel to his paintings.



    He describes his artistic expression as aesthetic, natural beauty, colors, and amazing brush strokes experience for the audience. He most often creates using watercolors, acrylics, and oil colors with a perfect drawing. He is giving experience on his self-chosen path of realization.



    Some of his achievements

    Milind Bhanji has received many awards like State Art Award , Professional Category Award & National and International Group and Solo Art Exhibitions.




    Awards / Recognition

    Awards and Participation
    Awards and Participation

    Issued By:  World Wide Art Industry

    Bombay Art Society 2022 State Art Award – Maharashtra State Government IWS Bulgaria – III INTERNATIONAL WATERCOLOR & SPIRIT TRIENNIAL – Varna 2022. Member Of – INTERNATIONAL WATERCOLOR PLATFORM 2022 IWSIB International watercolor society India Biennale 2022 BRICS Art 2022 Member (MEET BRICS ART) International Aquarelle Painting Exhibition SIAPFEST #1 2021 Indonesia Rang Ameer National Art Exhibition Madhya Pradesh Sanskriti Parishad 2022 Pancharothi National & International Art Exhibition PHASE-2 Art Mart Khajuraho 2022 – Art Conclave Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath Chitra Santhe 2022 ICAC Art Gallery Ahmadabad (Gujrat) INDIA Camel Art Foundation – Annual Art And Design Contest 2021 Khajuraho International Online Art Exhibition VAS International Artist Group, India NATIONAL ONLINE ART EXHIBITION – 2022 ART INDIA FOUNDATION – Khula Aasman Participate Certification Tupai Arts Jalpaigudi – Jan 2022 Ellora Art & Craft Society – Certificate Canvas of Unity 2020 Artdom Memorable 2020 Participate Certificate Art Family International Certification 2020-21 Art Fest 2020 – IVS Certificate of Excellence SHADES 21 (Painting Wing BIT Sindri) Bangiya Kala Kendra Certificate Spenowr Art 2020 VOSAP ART FROM HEART CONTEST 2020 Camel Art Foundation – Annual Art And Design Contest 2020 Participation Certificate of 25th MOSAIC Padam Chand Memorial Global Online Painting Competition 2021 Art For AUTISM 2020 YUBTRA, People Choice Award Feb 2022 Sanskar Bharti Chitrakut – 2021 Painting TDAF – Coordinator 2021 Buddha Art Competition 2021 | Niha Institute of Painting Hyderabad “AAKRITI INTERNATIONAL VIRTUAL ART SHOW 2021” Voice Of Mask Competition 2021 Dreamers Dreams Appreciation Certificate “Usari Art” INDIA 4th National Online Painting Consolation Award 2021 Raga 21 – Malhar Art Exhibition by Oximeter 2021 Dirums International online Art Exhibition Aug 2021 “HOPE21” International Art Exhibition By creARTors Collective Certificate DIRUMS ONLINE ART EXHIBITION DAY 10 AUGUST MONSOON INTERNATIONAL ART Craft Tatva An Indian Arthouse HDFC – Certificate Of Achievement – 2021 Click Academy Digital Art Exhibition 2022 SOLO ART SHOW FOR INDIAN ARTIST: MILIND BHANJI (25 Aug 2021) Art By Artist Painting Contest | CONTEST ZEAL INFINITI An online National Painting exhibition Rachana Group Exhibition Pune INDIA CLICK OPEN ART EXHIBITION 2021 MAGZOID (Leading Art Magazine Of Mena Feb 2021 Google Art Book 2021

    Year-End Art & Craft Festival
    Year-End Art & Craft Festival

    Issued By:  Spenowr

    Contest Participant

    Ratha Yatra Art & Craft Contest 2021
    Ratha Yatra Art & Craft Contest 2021

    Issued By:  Spenowr

    Contest Participant

    Akshaya Tritiya Art Festival
    Akshaya Tritiya Art Festival

    Issued By:  Spenowr

    Contest Participant

    2021 - Republic Day - Art & Craft Contest
    2021 - Republic Day - Art & Craft Contest

    Issued By:  Spenowr

    Contest Participant

    State Award
    State Award

    Issued By:  Maharashtra State

    State Art Award winning for Graphics

    Diwali 2020 Art Contest
    Diwali 2020 Art Contest

    Issued By:  Spenowr

    Contest Participant

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