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    Shubham Biswas

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    An Overview

    An Award-winning artist, Shubham Biswas born in the beautiful state of Assam, India has completed his graduation in Science. In his practice, since 2000, Shubham specializes in amazingly soulful portraits. Shubham shows the power of femininity through photos of women & men in different familiar or intimate settings. In 2021, Shubham was the first winner in the Kala Bhawan art competition, Tezpur, Assam.



    As a child growing up in West Bengal, Shubham displayed signs of innate artistic talent in painting. At the age of 4, Shubham started drawing. This early enthusiasm has now become the driving force of hIS passion. His passion for drawing started with his love for pencils. The continued support he received from his family cemented Shubham’s confidence and desire to explore his creativity which has expanded and evolved.



    In his powerful series “Women’s portraits”, Shubham captures the very essence of each subject in a simple, sensual, and compelling way. Shubham has the ability to capture the depth of the eyes and gaze, showing the subject's soul and deep thoughts.



    His art style is full of colors, vibrance,  textures, and figurative abstracts also. He loves to create sketching artworks due to his attraction to pencils. His paintings possess a unique blend of different colors which capture the viewer’s attention. Basically, he trained in various art styles such as pencil shades, watercolor composition, human life, still life, landscapes, pot designs, and much more. But now he loves to play with pencil shades on portraits, still life, monuments, human face in different positions.



    His Best Artwork

     His theme of the artwork is based on different sketching on the GSM paper. The blend of pencils gives it a richness of uniqueness. "Dedication has to be kept constant and no matter how tough it might be, Never give up." the artist said.



    He has officiated his talent since child age, displaying his beautiful creations through Instagram page @artisticforever__ and Facebook page: “shubham.biswas.7393


     An artist gets inspired by his/his surroundings as well as life experiences. Shubham gets his inspiration mostly from his parents also his teachers Shyam Prasad Sir, Vijay Prasad Sir, Ajoy Dev Sir. His artworks have been a mirror of his creativity and yet inspire the young artists to resemble his skill to grow in the field of art.




    Awards / Recognition

    Certificate of Appreciation
    Certificate of Appreciation

    Issued By:  Kala Bhawan

    Secured first position in the competition in Group D by drawing Tezpur Mahabhairab Mandir as subject.

    Certificate of Appreciation
    Certificate of Appreciation

    Issued By:  International Arts Contest

    Participated in the contest organized by iNNOVIZE Events

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