How to Design your own artwork for customization of a Tshirt

An Overview

Everyone has a propensity to await quality and designs in the products that they want to buy, even if the price of the product is not under their budget. However, the t-shirt is a basic product that is unisex and even for children of various age groups.

Why Custom T-shirts are so cool?

There’s always a special feeling when you touch your creative side or artwork something for yourself or your loved ones. Imagine the proud feeling you’ll get when you wear your designs! We make that possible with our range of T-shirts designed by you.

Where you can buy T-shirts Online in India?

Print your Custom T-shirts by designing your own T-shirts online at Spenowr. No Minimum Quantity. T-shirt printing options are available in different styles and colors. Buy Custom Name, Photo, or Logo Printed T-shirts Online.

1. Upload your own artwork

You can upload your own artwork.

Please note that to ensure the best possible print, Spenowr's admin will reject your artwork for low resolution, so you can rest assured that your shirts will come out looking flawless!

2. Borders and Edges

Your T-shirt design can either be with a border or borderless. However, it does not matter whether or not you choose a design with borders; you still need to work on the edges to make sure the end results have a professional look.

Furthermore, you need to make sure the layout is such that the main subject is more prominent than the background colors or graphics. Besides, you must consider frames as an integral part of the design, as they help in drawing attention to the focal point.

3. Colors and Print

The colors and patterns you choose can make or break your T-shirt’s look. Therefore, you must be careful when choosing these elements. The ideal way to go about this is to adhere to the theme of your brand style guide. This will help create uniformity in design, and avoid between your brand and the message you are trying to convey through the T-shirt.

Spenowr supports all popular image file formats. The file size limit for each image uploaded is 5MB.


To upload your own artwork to your design, click on the "Option" dropdown below of artwork. 

Then, simply upload the file. You will see one popup window where you can submit your artwork.

Click on the submit button

After admin approval, click on the “More” button then go to “Custom print”

You will see all the T-shirts here added by the admin. Choose one T-shirt.

Drag and drop your artwork on the T-shirt.  Color, test, back image.

Also, remember that your design needs to work with whatever t-shirt color you choose: a design with dark colors won’t show up well on a dark blue or black t-shirt. So, if you know you want to print on black t-shirts your design needs to use lighter colors and vice versa.

Under the product section, you can choose your size T-shirt. 

prices of all the T-shirts. As with any type of printing, ordering a large quantity will likely reduce the cost per item. Ordering in bulk is a smart plan, especially if you’ll be selling the shirts.

Click on the “Order now” button to order your shirt.

Add your address and place your order with Payment.

Place your order.

We printed your shirt and delivered the T-shirt.

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