How to add work experience - New-feature-releases - Spenowr

When you enter your profile, you will see a side-bar menu, in which you can see an option written ‘WORK EXPERIENCE’ under ‘MY PORTFOLIO’ menu. Click on the ‘WORK EXPERIENCE’ option to add WORK EXPERIENCE.

When you click on ‘WORK EXPERIENCE’, you will come across a module written ‘WORK EXPERIENCE’, under that click the button written ‘ADD WORK EXPERIENCE’ to add your work experience. By clicking on ‘ADD WORK EXPERIENCE’ you will find these empty fields, where you can add your work experiences by adding the content and details about it.

Let’s discuss each one briefly so that it will be easy for you to understand the priority of each field or you can follow the below images and try to understand yourself.

TITLE: Here you can add your title name which will bring the audience’s attention to your work experience.

EXPERIENCE GIVEN BY: Name of the organization who is given by the experience, you can write here

CURRENTLY WORKING HERE: If you are currently working with an organization, you can check here with start date

START DATE: You add your experience start date here.

END DATE: You add your experience end date here.

WORK EXPERIENCE CERTIFICATE: You can upload your experience certificate here.

WORK EXPERIENCE CERTIFICATE TITLE: Just click on the field and it will automatically generate the link.

WRITE SOMETHING ABOUT YOUR EXPERIENCE: Here you can detail of your work experience

Note: Don’t use copied contents, which will later lead you to be penalized by admin/authority. Also, adding your own content with consistent effort will help you to grow better in the long run. 

If you don’t want to fill all the fields, just try to fill the mandatory fields (Red-stared), as without filling them you can’t add your award.

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