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How Art Craft Institutes Organization Grow With Spenowr!

Are youal an Art Institute or Art Organization, which focuses on grooming Artists or producing Art content?

Did you always wonder:

  • How can you get more visibility by showcasing your creative portfolio

  • How can you reach more art enthusiast or art lovers who is looking for your service

  • Is there a platform through which you can launch new courses / services and start a campaign for them

Then Spenowr Is The Answer

Spenowr is a social commerce platform, built for the creative industry that empowers individual artists, institutes and businesses to:

  • Showcase artwork & services they offer

  • Get deserved credit for their creatives

  • Grab attention of target audience

  • Buy & sell through marketplace

  • Socialize, expand network and earn

about images
about images

Steps To Get Onborded

Below simple steps should help you get onboarded.

  • Signup or register for free

  • Update your profile with contact information, social media fan pages, your team, events, recognitions you received etc.

  • Upload your artwork or art projects (images / videos) under respective art category or sub-category,  so that Spenowr’s art craft lovers can find you and your artwork

  • Add services or training courses you offer. It can be training classes or custom artwork order with details that can help your customers

  • Upload products, which you plan to sell through e-commerce marketplace and get paid quicker

  • Join and leverage Spenowr’s social media accounts to reach its existing user base to showcase your artwork and services you offer. Our fan base is growing across different social media platforms, which will give you a direct way to collaborate with Art Lovers & Artists like you.

  • Below are the social media accounts, which you should join to begin with

about images

How Spenowr Empowers Art Organizations

    Now let’s summarize how Spenowr empowers an art organization directly or indirectly.

  • Spenowr is like a professional network for artists, where making your presence increases visibility

  • Listing your services or training courses you offer can grab attention of target audience and can give you better reach. This differentiates your generic photo profiles in other social networks

  • It provides you a direct way to sell your artwork or services through marketplace

  • Promoting through Spenowr’s social networks, gives you an edge, as you directly reach the art community to showcase your talent & services

  • Don’t forget you can also earn directly from Spenowr, through rewards when you contribute through campaign participation. Please check actively Spenowr’s promotions page to participate and win

  • For any questions or queries, please contact us or email directly to support@spenowr.com