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Spenowr Mobile App 1.0.6 Releases Following Features

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Spenowr is a social commerce platform built for the creative industry that empowers professional networks for artists, institutes, and businesses to showcase their portfolio, get deserved credit for creative artworks, collaborate with target audience, build your professional portfolio to attract customers & art entities and buy or sell through marketplace. It's all about creating galleries and projects, writing content, showing your knowledge, answering questions,like,commenting with the community.


Spenowr enables members (artists & art related entities) to create profiles and connect with each other in an online platform which may represent real world business relations.

Please download Android App from below Google Play Store link.



spenowr mobile app 1.0.6 releases following features

  •  Writing(Quote/Poem) Design: Optimised flow for easy and different writing design to attract users.
  • Job Opportunitity: This release includes a Job Opportunities module, which allows all users to post jobs and gives opportunities to artists to apply to open opportunities.
  • What’s new: Report Post: Newly added feature in every post when an artwork/writings are inappropriate/not creative. When a user reports someone’s post, the admin can delete that post if that post is inappropriate.
  • Added new sculpture products for sale: Added brand new wooden sculpture products for sale.



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