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Which Corporate Animal Are You Really?

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Which Corporate Animal Are You Really?


Well as the title might look to be more of an advisory article, let me isn’t!!

With my little corporate experience and close proximity with people with different attributes, I realize all of us do represent a type of animal, in the corporate world. As and when we step inside the “Khul ja sim sim” door, we all change to a different being...some stay human and others turn into a wholesome new being.

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Ohh just to clear, those considered humans are the freshers..the new entrees to the corporate zoo, who gradually, necessarily not by wish but by force, will change to “Corporate animals” either voluntarily or by force. Let’s see the behavioral traits that the corporate employees share with animals in the zoo.


Ahh these are the people in majority. Certainly the employees can be identified by very specific features like very hard working without any concern about the reason behind each act as well the destination to be reached. They definitely believe in being available to their masters 24*7 and putting all efforts to do the told “jobs” without even knowing the relevance of each act. Also, they are often seen loading themselves with unbearable loads, much more than their capacity and roles they are assigned to, without showing concern, just to be ahead of the other beings in same creed.


These are the employees with traits equivalent to horses. They have nothing to do with anything in and around them. But once given a goal or destination, they run to achieve them. Focused yet ignorant of the facts detailing changes in and around them, even though at times they don’t realize the competition they have been trying to “win” has been dispersed. They are fast but one tracked, always on the urge to reach the destination whatsoever.


Though being dogs may sound negative but its not. Matching the traits, it points the most loyal employees of the company. Loyal to company, bosses & work. They exactly justify the tag “humans best friend”. They are the safe players, liked by the bosses and always used as an example. The lowest risk takers but smart workers, yeah they do exists…. But as the traits suggests they are definitely not best with colleagues and always on the hit list of the team. Since they are biased and diplomatic (always maintaining their loyalty to the seniors) they become the least accepted value adders in any project.


They are the keen followers of their seniors or as I say dominants. They are good at mimicking the work methods, process, attitude and every possible thing that they think has contributed to the success of their bosses. They have the very basic trait of monkeys….to jump. They are very indecisive, frequently changing their roles, interests, work, skill and very specifically attitude. Their behavior changes in very situation even for same person. Very much unpredictable, yet very opportunistic. Blame game is their strength and being jumpy their have their ways to come out of a situation even if they are at fault (which can be negative for the submissive teammates working with them).


Ohh you have to be so careful from these people. As like snakes these are the most dangerous creature of all. Mostly making their way forward by killing every hurdle (people in corporate world) coming their way. They keep climbing the corporate hierarchy at snake speed. Nothing can stop them and of course they don’t stop for others. Very are never a leader but always a BOSS. Appreciation and money are their food and staying ahead is what make them keep going. They don’t hesitate destroying others coming in the way to stay ahead of everyone. Fearless and always daring to do everything that could lead to their success. Inspite of the above traits they are good learners.

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These all above may sound too much of pessimistic, Hello, isn’t it! But it’s not a fair world at all. People out there always looking for a chance to crush you under the cleat of their shoes. But where there is life there is millions of possibilities, so lemma introduce you to the animal, which is Very rarely found & one of its kind. The Jaguars!


These are the once who are icon of Focus, commitment & sheer will. They don’t care what people are taking behind, they are always young in their mind and promising at their work place rather than being challenging or competing others as they believe the competition is only inside to be a better version of themselves as they were yesterday. Whatever Position they might achieve, they never believe on taking advantages of their hierarchy at organization. As the jaguar is such an animal, who can over through any animal with it’s speed, so vigorous and have such an endurance to overcome any kind of unpleasant situation and having a agility to hunt their prey by deteriorating its stamina in a playful manner and not by killing directly. These rare beings are having the same DNA, same infection that, they don’t believe on fixing things, they believe on finding problems over & over and then Making a solution for it. But it’s not an everyday thing which you can witness, come across or deal with maybe you can find only one or two of this kind in your whole life, as they believe success is not an achievement, it’s a lifestyle.

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But at last I want to exaggerate a truth or a question that often come to my mind that as Jaguar on corporate explained “Is that the state of oxymoron what anyone can ever achieve or there is something above and beyond?”

Well these are the most commonly found “corporate animals”. Look around and have fun categorizing people in your workspace (also self :P ). Also, let me know if you find traits matching some other species of animal kingdom….. ????

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