Chapter-1 Save The Egg: Utahraptor

  • Author : Spenowr
  • Category : Entertainment
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  • It had four-toed feet; the second toe had a 9-15 inch sickle-like claw and the other toes had smaller claws.

  • Its long tail had bony rods running along the spine giving it rigidity.

  • It was a fast-moving, agile, bipedal bird-like dinosaur.

Ever since Grandpa had given me this book, I had safely preserved it in my trunk. I wanted to know what was so magical about it. I kept the book under my pillow and fell asleep fast.

[In sleep]

Soon after, I was in an unknown land. I was looking around for Jack and Aunt Melissa.

“Aunt Melissa…, Jack..”, I hollered.

From a distance, I saw a strange creature with a man. 

This is a Utahraptor, my boy, " said the man. I looked at him, he was Grandpa Henry. 

Grandpa Henry, I shouted with joy. You look so young and bright! I was really happy to have him back. I had never seen such a creature. It had a curved, flexible neck and a big head. Its three fingers on each arm had a giant, sharp, curved claw. The second toe had a sickle-like claw and the other toes had smaller claws. “Don’t worry, she is a friend. Her name is Kirk,” said Grandpa pointing to the raptor. Although it didn’t look friendly to me. 

“Let us go in,” said Grandpa. Grandpa lived in a tree house. He made my favorite stew like he always had made. Suddenly, we could hear Kirk crying out loud. We both rushed out to see. We could see nothing. “Kirk can hear distant sounds exceptionally well”, said Grandpa. Some more creatures in no time, reached and started attacking Kirk and its egg. Grandpa said those were Oviraptors, they hunt for eggs. Grandpa got his big rifle to rescue Kirk. 

Chaos!! I cried out. While Grandpa and Kirk were fighting back, I picked the egg to go to a safer place while an oviraptor pounced its claws on me, it tore my elbow skin.  Kirk used its sickle-like claw to get the oviraptor, and I could escape. Finally, Kirk and its egg were safe. Kirk wasn’t as fierce as she looked. Suddenly, I felt something was wrong with my eyes. I started smudging my eyes as it was difficult for me to see anything. Everything seemed too hazy. 

“Grandpa… Grandpa” I shouted. 

“I know you still miss him, but we have to move on,” said Aunt Melissa. “Get ready and go with Jack to work”, said Melissa.

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