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“I Wish”

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If we simply used the term "wish" to signify our fervent desire for things to turn out differently. However, it is not what I want it to signify. It is used to discuss improbable events in the past, present, and future.

Despite having no unique meaning, the word "want" conveys a lot of information.

This "desire" has many unfulfilled hopes and wishes.

 Many individuals have said, "I wish" I had done that, "I wish" I would have stopped him, "I wish" I had said everything, and "I wish" I was with him today.

 The concept of a "want" plays a significant role in people's lives.

 When a student receives their exam results today and receives a failing grade, he or she may reflect, "I wish," that if only I had worked harder, I could have passed today. However, the time has passed, and he or she is regretful.

The idea "I wish" had had a little courage, then they would have been together today happening when you don't live with your loved one and that person suddenly appears in front of you.

A person who lives overseas is prevented from visiting his parents for several years; after learning that they have passed away, he berates himself for not taking some time off to be with his parents.

 But right now, all he feels is sorrow.

When a woman sees another woman making progress and succeeding, she often thinks, "I wish," that she had also fought a little to advance because then, by studying today, she too may have been something and might have attained a nice position.

When someone gets angry and breaks off a friendship with a true friend, that person says something inappropriate and regrettably admits, "I wish" he had controlled his anger that day. He would therefore have been with his close friend today.

A guy can get so obsessed with making money that he is unable to devote all of his attention to his family. His family increasingly distances themselves from him, and he regretfully muses, "I wish...," as if his family would still be close by now if he had set aside some time for them.

The phrase "I wish" leaves everything unfinished.

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