Q: What is Spenowr ?

A: Spenowr is an Art, Culture Skill library And a SocioCommerce platform. Which allows Individuals, Institutes and Business connected with Art, Culture, Design to Find, Market, Collaborate and do business.


Q: What Spenowr offer?

A: Platform that enables an individual or business to maintain his profile or personal web page through it can do social and digital marketing.

In future Spenowr plans to provide e-commerce features too


Q: What should I do if I am facing a technical issue?

A: Please login to your account and click “Contact Admin” button, where you can fill the form with your problem statement. If you have problem there too, please directly email to support@spenowr.com


Q: What if the business I want to register is already listed in “Skill Library”

A: Please submit “Claim Ownership” form from skill library page and also attach respective documents to prove your ownership. Post verification, Spenowr will assign you as owner of the profile for further maintenance


Q: What should I do, if I need a particular feature to be added for easy usability of the feature

A: Please contact administrator (either with Contact Admin in profile page or Contact us page), with your feature request. It will be added to the request pool and will be integrated as per priority


Q: What does the “Products” page will offer in future?

A: We believe every individual has a talent that can be sold either as a service or as a product. We will enable individuals and business to sell their products/skills through this platform.