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Welcome to Spenowr, where artistic expression meets craftsmanship in a symphony of wooden wonders. Our carefully curated collection invites you to transform your living space with unique and enchanting pieces that reflect both tradition and contemporary design.

1. Mini table top with lord ganesh: A divine aura in compact elegance

Immerse yourself in divine serenity with our Mini Table Top featuring Lord Ganesh. Crafted from wood and standing at a modest 8 inches, this masterpiece exudes spiritual grace. The intricately carved Lord Ganesh figure adds a touch of sacred charm to any tabletop, creating a serene focal point in your home. Elevate your ambiance with the blessings of Lord Ganesh in this compact, elegant form.


2. Dasavatar (Shri Jagannath): Wall decor infused with divine radiance

Embrace the divine energy with our Dasavatar Wall Decor, featuring lotus pattern cutouts arranged with Dasavatar and Lord Jagannath at the center. Hand-painted with perfection using acrylic paint on MDF plates, this 12x12-inch masterpiece captures the essence of Lord Jagannath's divine presence. Adorn your walls with this symbolic representation, bringing both artistry and spirituality into your living space.


3. Wooden horse pattachitra: Artistry Unleased

Unveil the artistry within our Wooden Horse Pattachitra, a captivating showpiece standing at 10 inches. Carefully crafted from wood, this piece is a testament to the rich tradition of Pattachitra art. As a decorative item, it is enchanted with its detailed design and vibrant colors. Please note, that this product is meant for decorative purposes only, showcasing the skilled craftsmanship while adding a touch of cultural finesse to your home.


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