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Transform your living space into a haven of comfort and charm with wood home decoration ideas from Spenowr. The simplicity and warmth of wood decor create an inviting atmosphere, perfect for those who appreciate a cottage feel in their homes. Explore the curated collection that seamlessly blends chic design with vintage accents, offering a delightful living space that reflects your unique style.

1. Cow Head: A Touch of Divine Elegance

Grace your home or office walls with the divine elegance of Spenowr's handmade Wooden Cow Head featuring Pichwai art. Crafted with meticulous detail, these cow heads, in natural wood, serve as unique wall decor items. The inclusion of Lord Ganesh Wall Sculpture adds a spiritual touch, making these pieces more than just decorative items. Appreciate the creativity of skilled artisans through the smooth finish and attractive look that these cow heads bring to your living space.

Discover Spenowr's Signature Products:

  • Minimum 15 inches in height

  • Wall mount hole (1cm) for easy hanging

  • Meticulously handcrafted with carving and painted details

  • Perfect for showcasing, wall decor, or as a showpiece

  • Wooden Cow Head with Lord Ganesh Wall Sculpture and Cow Mask Figurine

2. Dasavatar Home Decor

Explore the enchanting Mandala Home Decor available exclusively on the Spenowr. Our dasavatar pieces aren't just decorations; they're beautiful expressions of art that make your home look fantastic. Each dasavatar wall decor is carefully crafted with attention to detail, featuring lotus patterns and important figures like Ganesh or Lord Jagannath in the center. These artworks are hand-painted with vibrant colors on high-quality MDF plates, creating a lively and creative display. With a size of 12/12 inches, these dasavatar pieces are like high-quality photo prints that bring a special touch to your walls. Hanging them is easy with the clips provided on the backside, instantly transforming any room into a serene and beautiful space. Discover the perfect blend of tradition and modern design with Spenowr's dasavatar Home Decor – each piece tells a unique story, adding elegance to your living space.

  • Lotus pattern cutouts arranged with Dasabtara and Ganesh or Lord Jagannath Balabhadra and Subhadra

  • Hand-painted with acrylic paint on MDF plates (Size: 12/12")

  • High-definition photo prints for a vibrant and artistic appeal

  • Ready to hang with clips provided on the backside

  • Ideal for room decor, wall decor, and creating a relaxing ambiance

3. Mandala Wall Decor

Embrace the tranquility of our Dot Mandala, a mesmerizing creation on a 16-inch MDF board. Drenched in soothing shades of blue, cheerful yellow, and vibrant red, this artwork adds a touch of serenity to any space. With dimensions of 40 CM in both height and width, it's a perfect centerpiece for your home. Spenowr proudly offers this masterpiece for sale, inviting you to bring the harmonious beauty of our Dot Mandala into your living space. Elevate your surroundings with this exquisite piece that effortlessly blends simplicity and elegance.

Elevate your living space with Spenowr's wood home decor collection – where craftsmanship, tradition, and contemporary design converge to bring timeless elegance to your home. Each piece tells a story, inviting you to embrace the artistry and beauty of handcrafted wood decor. Explore the curated selection at Spenowr and let your living space reflect your unique style and appreciation for timeless elegance.

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