Vanitha Pn: Painting Life's Masterpiece Against All Odds

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Family and Early Life:

Born on February 26, 1969, in the vibrant city of Bangalore, Vanitha PN's roots trace back to the culturally rich land of Tamil Nadu. Her life journey is an awe-inspiring testament to determination, creativity, and the unwavering pursuit of her passions, even in the face of adversity.

Vanitha grew up in an extremely orthodox Vaishya family, where traditional beliefs held that a woman's place was in the kitchen. The idea of women pursuing careers outside of their homes was largely discouraged. However, Vanitha's heart was brimming with artistic aspirations that knew no boundaries.

A Spark Ignited:

At a very young age, around five, Vanitha was introduced to the enchanting world of art by her grandmother. It was during these early years that her fascination with the world of creativity was ignited. The artistic skills her grandmother shared with her left a lasting impression, and Vanitha's young mind began to envision a future where she could express herself through colors and crafts.

However, the road to realizing her artistic dreams was fraught with challenges. Coming from a staunchly orthodox family, Vanitha faced immense resistance when she expressed her desire to pursue her artistic interests further. In a society that discouraged women from stepping beyond the confines of their homes, Vanitha's aspirations seemed like an uphill battle.

A Secret Pursuit:

Undaunted by societal norms and familial expectations, Vanitha embarked on a secret artistic journey. She used her saved pocket money to attend art classes and workshops, all while keeping her creative pursuits hidden from her parents and grandparents. With each brushstroke, she honed her skills and explored various art forms. Embroidery, in particular, captured her heart and became one of her earliest artistic endeavors.

In the 1980s, Vanitha took a bold step by venturing into the art of selling her embroidered creations in and around Cantonment and Shivajinagar. However, she faced a significant challenge – how to scale up her creative passion into a full-fledged business.

The Journey Continues:

Vanitha's artistic journey was marked by determination, a thirst for learning, and the tenacity to persevere despite numerous obstacles. She had diverse teachers, enrolled in different courses, and embraced a trial-and-error approach to mastering various art forms. Throughout her learning process, one form of artistic expression continued to beckon her – painting and sketching.

With each passing day, her passion for painting grew, eventually expanding into the realms of canvas and murals. Despite societal pressures and familial expectations, Vanitha remained committed to her creative path, always pushing the boundaries of her artistic horizons.

From Adversity to Triumph:

Vanitha's life took another significant turn after her marriage. Unfortunately, her married life was far from smooth. She encountered unsupportive and judgmental in-laws who made it challenging for her to find peace and pursue her artistic dreams. The lack of support from her husband added to the complexity of her situation.

However, amid the rollercoaster ride of her married life, Vanitha's unwavering focus remained on passing down her artistic skills to her son. She chose not to impose her own dreams upon him but instead introduced him to the world of art. To her delight, he embraced this artistic journey and later transformed it into a thriving commercial venture.

A Shared vArtistic Vision:

As Vanitha ventured into mural projects, she collaborated with her son. Together, they embarked on a creative odyssey, exploring themes like tropical art, gold murals, and abstracts. Their combined artistic talents gave birth to stunning artworks that graced cities across India.

One distinguishing feature of Vanitha's artwork is her adept use of Gold Foil, a technique deeply rooted in ancient Indian art forms such as Tanjore and Mysore paintings. This technique adds a touch of opulence and uniqueness to her creations, though it requires meticulous planning and execution.

A Quest for Artistic Identity:

Vanitha's artistic journey has been a relentless quest for self-discovery. She experimented with various art forms and, at times, even let some go when they didn't resonate with her passion. Her journey reaffirmed a simple truth: age is just a number, and one can pursue their dreams at any stage of life.

Her pursuit of the art of mural painting began when her son commercialized it and took on commercial projects. Vanitha's journey into Gold Foil Art was born from a client's requirement, a journey she undertook with gratitude for the opportunity to explore this unique form of art.


The Source of Strength:

Throughout her life's trials and triumphs, Vanitha found her unwavering source of strength and inspiration in the Almighty. Her faith sustained her through moments of despair, offering hope and courage in the face of adversity.

Her artwork, born from her heart and fueled by her ideas, has a unique ability to uplift the mood of any space. The use of Gold Foil in her creations, coupled with her artistic prowess, creates a lasting impression that leaves audiences speechless.

An Inspiration to Many:

Vanitha's artistic journey continues to inspire others, proving that age and circumstances need not deter one from pursuing their passions. Her bold exploration of art forms at the age of 55 has made her an inspiration to many who relate to her story of resilience and determination.

A Legacy of Inspiration:

Vanitha's Instagram profile, @dr.shravan_arts_muralist, showcases her precision and her ability to transform spaces into captivating experiences. Her work is a testament to the idea that art is not about impressing but inspiring.

In conclusion, Vanitha PN's life story is a vivid canvas painted with strokes of courage, determination, and artistic passion. Her journey reminds us that, regardless of the obstacles we face, the pursuit of creativity and the expression of one's ideas can lead to a life filled with inspiration and fulfillment.

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