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A West Bengal's Painter Brings Home Laurels, Wins National Award

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Her Journey

Sudipta Ghosh is an Indian emerging artist, completed her M.SC in Calcutta University whose abstract paintings are depictions of her memories, of places that have left an indelible mark on her. Born in the beautiful city of West Bengal, Sudipta Ghosh is a contemporary Mandala Artist along with a beautiful nature painter.

Known for her distinct and pleasant nature-inspired paintings, she frequently depicts richly detailed lotus ponds in fresh, energetic colors that are soothing to the eye.

She tried to learn something new i.e Landscapes, scenery, Pencil-sketch, Charcoal art, Pastel-drawing, Watercolor/ Acrylic painting, Portrait, Pen-art, Crafts, Best out of waste, etc. during her free time.

At the age of 9, Sudipta started drawing. This early enthusiasm has now become the driving force of her passion. Her passion for drawing started with her love for colors.

Due to the pressure of higher studies, she didn’t maintain the practice but she completed her 7th-year exam of drawing from Bangiya  Sangeet Kalakendra at the age of 20.


Her Recent paintings

In her practice, Sudipts specializes in an amazingly soulful portrait of Susant Singh Rajput. The first time she tried this portrait. It took 2 days to complete.




Her Statement

“Beginner artists should have the focus and full concentration toward their work as well as dedication which makes them perfectionist in their art by profession. Try to give a message to society through your art. Where words are unable to explain, arts speak & that should be a motto of every upcoming artist.” she said.

She is known for her unique and incredibly complex style, in which she sticks pieces of painted and rolled canvas on her artworks, giving them a 3-dimensional look.



The mandala paintings are free-hand drawings, especially on mandala paper & some markers, and the particularly soft sheets are glued together and the painting is executed over a sheet made by putting together about three or four layers of hand-made paper. Powdered precious stones to are used in the painting process.

Her achievements

She was awarded in 6th year and 7th-year exams respectively from Bangiya Sangeet Kalakendra for scoring distinction marks both in practical and theory. Apart from that, she won many art competitions locally and got mementos, medals, etc. recently, she won two national-level art competitions.



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