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Bold And Beautiful: Odisha-born Painter’s Inner Self On Watercolor-madhubani Painting

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A native of Puri, she has made heads turn with madhubani in different forms. “Utilizing the waste products to create beautiful decor items has been the focus of her work.


An avid painter, Rajalaxmi likes to explore themes and subjects in a special way so as to bring to life the essence and ethos of her subjects, which have been very diverse as can be seen from her portfolio. She uses water colour, oil pastel, pencil colours, glass paints, acrylic colours, poster colours, clay etc to make the best out of waste.


This young and dynamic visual artist has completed her diploma in commercial art. Her education has been a strong background for her extreme motivation and confidence in the field of art which reflects in her artworks as well. Currently she has been helping young budding artists to explore the world of art. The most celebrated contemporary artist, Rajalaxmi also completed her M.Tech In Computer Science.

her painting:

The range of themes in her paintings reflect her active mind and keen spirit of exploration. It is her conviction that the realm of painting should go beyond creating a visual document and should in fact reflect the character of the subject.

teaching experience:

At the age of 8, Rajalaxmi started drawing. From 2016 onwards, she has been teaching drawing and painting to students appearing for school and college students as well as hobby artists. It is this belief and approach to painting that makes Rajalaxmi stand out. She has been a popular art teacher as she enjoys working with children and kindling the creative instincts in them. She has been conducting art workshops for 4+ age groups and has done live painting demonstrations at several educational institutions. She teaches basic drawing, pencil shading, madhubani painting, brush painting, finger spoon painting ,warli art, doodle art, art using nature and many more.


An artist gets inspired from his/her surroundings as well as life experiences. Rajalaxmi gets her inspiration mostly from the art exhibitions depicting different art forms and work of other artists. Her artworks have been a mirror of her creativity and yet inspires the young artists to resemble her skill to grow in the field of art.

her dream:

For this she has been very focused on educating the young minds different art forms as well as art mediums to give them a wide arena to choose from. She also makes sure to cover the basics as well as required tricks to help the new artists to perfect their foundation.

her best paintings:

Her theme of the artwork is based on Madhubani Painting’. Rajalaxmi takes 30 minutes to one hour to draw feather paintings and  3 to 4 hours for canvas paintings depending on the size and theme.The artist has a fine sense of art, skillful use of brush, rollers, Knife, and other techniques highlighting the enlightenment and visual panorama of extravagance through relevant motifs, idioms, and metaphors.









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