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Vipul Tapadia An Evid Illustrator

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An Overview

Vipul Tapadia is an intuitive designer/illustrator who lives in the beautiful city of Calcutta, West Bengal. He states, “My art is a black & white web where solid shapes and varied lines interact to keep the viewer in a playful atmosphere of exploration and imagination.” With a relentless desire to advance his professional skills, Vipul specializes in amazingly soulful illustrations

My pieces are an encapsulation and depiction of my struggles and my feelings, literally inspired by my daily experiences,” Vipul says. 

His art reflects his interest in illustrator. He juxtaposes elements of reality with surrealism using software and digital art/illustration. His rhythmic compositions convey feelings of whimsy, with elements of surprise.

He used his skill during the lockdown and learned much more splendid illustrator design.


His Design

His illustrations bring to life expressive, memorable characters that move and define a picture book story –and his rich, striking scenes for nonfiction historical picture books creatively capture the look and spirit of the story’s era.

“There is nothing better for us to do than to take ourselves as we find ourselves and make the best of ourselves." says the artist.

The young illustrator, who recently started his freshman year began to realize he could pursue illustration as a career while receiving his GED, a path which he took drawing not only provided his an emotional outlet, but also a sense of fulfillment: “I had never experienced loving the act of doing something, despite failures and disappointment with the pieces I was making,” he says of his practice.

An avid illustrator, Vipul likes to explore themes and subjects in a special way so as to bring to life the essence and ethos of his subjects, which have been very diverse as can be seen from his portfolio. He uses all mediums available like doodling, painting, and using software to create illustrations. 

He has officiated his talent since child age, displaying his beautiful creations through his Instagram page @vipultapadia


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