Simran Patra: An Spectacular Folk Artist & Crafter Form Odisha

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An Overview

Simran Patra is an Odisha-based folk artist specializing in creating Patachitra paintings and a clay crafter. She has made heads turn with Patachitra in different forms. She is doing Patachitra on paper, wooden trays, boxes or glass bottles, and more...She belongs to a Patuas family. The Patuas are scroll painters of a traditional art form called Patachitra from Odisha where the painters sing the story as they unfurl their scrolls. Earlier the artists mostly painted because they were passionate about the art form without it being commercially viable, and were often beleaguered with severe penury.

An avid painter, Simran likes to explore themes and subjects in a special way so as to bring to life the essence and ethos of her subjects, which have been very diverse as can be seen from her portfolio. She uses different colors, clay, etc to make the best out of waste.

From the year 2018, she illustrated an innate artistic talent and continued to bring her creative passion to painting. She started painting and crafting in 2018 as her passion but she made Patachitra paintings for 5 years.


An artist gets inspired by his/her surroundings as well as life experiences. Simran gets her inspiration from her mother. Her artworks have been a mirror of her creativity and yet inspire young artists to resemble her skill to grow in the field of art.

Her Creativity

The range of themes in her paintings reflects her active mind and keen spirit of exploration. It is her conviction that the realm of painting should go beyond creating a visual document and should in fact reflect the character of the subject.  She takes 3-4 hours to paint Patachitra paintings.

The unseen masterpieces you can find from her Instagram account and Facebook account.


FB:-Uttara Patra


  •  Wins 1st prize from Zonal level Kala Utsav 2020

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