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Here Is How This Artist, Popularizing By Her Paintings - Anushri Gupta

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Her Journey

Anushri Gupta — a painter, landscapist, sketch artist as well as poetess— believes in the transformational power of art and its ability to be a global agent of change. She completed PG(M. Sc in Mathematics) in Bijawar, a city in Madhya Pradesh. Her hobbies are singing, dancing, songwriting but she loves painting most.


She takes orders for commission work like portraits, landscapes, and sketches. She likes to experiment with different techniques of paintings and keep herself challenged to excel in her art. She believes “Every challenge is an opportunity to learn.



She started painting and sketching in 2018 as her passion and profession but she made drawings at the age of 5 years just because of the happiness of heart. Her struggle started when she made outlines and wrong estimates of the distance between eyes, nose & lips to make a portrait. But by continuing practicing she had overcome it. After that, people started calling her a great artist of the future. 


She also gave a portrait to the great Indian mathematician Sir Shri Nivas Ramanujan as he is her Professor in her college. At that time she used black stick color to make portraits but later she used acrylic colors. When she painted “NATURE” she got a deep satisfaction with her soul.


Her Struggle

Her struggle started when she decided to make her career as a professional artist but due to some financial problem, she didn’t buy good qualities of art supplies such as the big size of the canvas, a large number of colors, some good quality paintbrushes. So to overcome it she takes orders for commission work and paints late at night as well as she takes a class of some art students. But it’s not enough so she is preparing for both competitive exams and painting as well. This way she has been successful in balancing her art and studies to grow optimally in both aspects of life.


  1. Her theme of the artwork is based on 'Nature'. “It takes at least 80-90hours for me to complete” using acrylic colors, some good quality brushes, and paper or canvas, as the artist said.  She was inspired by, “the beauty of nature”. It's valued at Rs 32000 (excluding shipping).



Her Achievements

1. Honoured by Chief Minister Madhya Pradesh (Portrait of Shri Shivraj Singh4. Chauhan)

2. State-level winner with 1st position in Madhya Pradesh (Portrait of Guru Nanak Dev Ji)

3. Four times selected to “International art exhibition” in 2020

4. Artwork featured in “The King House Art Magazine” 1st edition of UK

5. Selected Top - 100 artists to the next phase of “International Art Competition” organized by The King House art Gallery of UK (Only one contestant in India)

6. 30+ National and International Achievements





I am not very specific about my art materials because I believe that THE MAGIC TO PAINT ALIVE in your hands, not in materials. Good quality of artwork comes after applying many layers of colors and details. When I start an artwork it takes 5 to 10 days (6-8 hours In a day) and some detailed artwork takes more than 10 days because I love to paint on the large size” as the artist said.


She has believed "If we do hard work full of honesty and creativity, then we will get the result beyond our thinking. So think creative, be creative, and don't forget to work harder."


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