Devjani Sadhika : An Autodidactic Artist

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An Overview

Devjani Sadhika was born on 27 March 2001. She grew up in the eastern part of India i.e Jamtara, Jharkhand. On the surface, Devjani is an artist and aspiring doctor. Currently, she is pursuing her MBBS degree from Medini Rai Medical College, Palamu, Daltonganj. 

Devjani says she is a self-taught artist and has been painting since childhood. She started to paint when she was in 3rd grade. Her sister helped to paint. During the time she was preparing for her medical examination, she was continuously failing again and again. It went like this for 4 years, which dropped her confidence, in that span of time art helped her overcome stress. Whenever she felt melancholy, she would paint. Art functioned as a healer for her. In the next 10 years, she desires to see herself as independent and successful.

Speaking more about her artwork and paintings, Devjani says “I am not perfect but the imperfections make me unique”. She stretches to paint better than the previous. She seeks inspiration from her parents. Oil paintings are her favorite. She tries to bring improvement and enhancement in her paintings. What she dislikes about being an artist is why she is not versatile.

During School, Devjani participated in many school-level and district-level competitions and has won many awards. She participated in the International Art contest - season 8, 2022. And was amongst the top appreciable artists.

Devjani conveys a message to the new upcoming artists “Every artist is unique on their own, just don't copy others. Just practice and practice”. 

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