How Spenowr Grew During The Year 2023 To Empower Its Creators

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An Overview

2023 was a big year for Spenowr which came out of beta and grew with features, which were most requested by our users. We're excited to share the top 10 features we added during 2023 and some interesting stats about our users and their creative work.

Our platform, accessible through and mobile apps on Android and iOS, is a space where artists, businesses, and institutes can showcase their work, buy/sell creative products through the marketplace, offer custom services, find jobs, and more. It's like a hub where creativity meets opportunity.

We've worked hard to make Spenowr a lively community, releasing features that users love. From helping artists display their portfolios to making it easy for people to buy and sell creative products, we've built a place where creativity can thrive. As we look at the stats, we're proud to see the diverse and vibrant community that has grown on our platform.

Here's to a year of growth and creativity, and we're excited for what's ahead in 2024!

1. Earn by offering social marketing packages: Introducing Spenowr’s influncer Profile Feature

Exciting news! Spenowr has just added a cool feature called the Influencer Profile. Now, if you're using Spenowr, you can link all your social media accounts and show off how many followers you have. It's a great way to highlight not just your creative skills but also how many people you can reach.

But here's the awesome part – you can also share what services you offer, and for each service, you can create different packages. So, let's say you're good at something, and others want to buy your services. They can pick a package, and the best part is, it's free for anyone using Spenowr!

Whether you're a big-shot influencer or just getting started, this Influencer Profile feature is here to help you connect with more people and share your talents. So, why wait? Boost your online presence and make your mark with Spenowr's Influencer Profile!

2. Tell your tale: Spenowr’s new featured series

Get ready to share your stories like never before with Spenowr's cool new feature – the Featured Series! Now, users can create episodes and group them under one series, making it easy for others to follow along. Imagine it like a book with chapters, each episode revealing a bit more of your awesome story.

What's great is that when someone clicks on your series, they'll see all the episodes neatly lined up. It's super simple and keeps everyone connected to your whole story.

So, whether you're a seasoned storyteller or just starting, Spenowr's Featured Series is here to help you share your creativity. Dive into a world where every episode adds a new piece to your tale. Join us in making storytelling exciting with Spenowr's Featured Series!

3. Express yourself: Introducing Spenowr’s Quotes, Poems, and Stories Podcast

Unleash the power of your words with a new feature – the Quotes, Poems, and Stories Podcast! Now, you can bring your favorite quotes, heartfelt poems, and captivating stories to life in audio form. It's as simple as adding them to your profile, but here's the exciting part – you can choose to turn them into an "Audio podcast" with two cool options.

Option 1: Let Spenowr's AI work its magic and auto-generate the podcast for you. It's like having your virtual assistant turn your words into a beautiful audio experience.

Option 2: Feel like a star by uploading your own recorded video. It's a chance to showcase your unique voice and add a personal touch to your creations.

Whether you're into thoughtful quotes, soulful poems, or gripping stories, Spenowr's Quotes, Poems, and Stories Podcast is your stage to express, captivate, and share your creativity in a whole new way. Let your words resonate, and let the world listen to the magic you create!

4. Unleash your creativity: Spenowr’s Auto-generate image with Chatgpt Feature

Dive into a world of artistic possibilities with Spenowr's latest innovation – the Auto-Generate Image with ChatGPT feature! Now, expressing your creativity is as easy as adding artwork in the dedicated section of your profile. What makes this feature truly special is the power of ChatGPT, which can magically transform your ideas into unique and captivating images.

To unlock this creative treasure, become a valued member by upgrading to GOLD or BRONZE, or simply purchase points to access this feature. It's your ticket to a canvas where your imagination meets the brilliance of AI. With Spenowr, your journey to creating visually stunning artwork is just a click away. Let the Auto-Generate Image with ChatGPT feature be your artistic companion, turning your concepts into beautiful realities with ease. Elevate your creativity and bring your ideas to life effortlessly on Spenowr!

5. Bid and Win” Spenowr’s New Product Bidding Feature

Experience the thrill of a digital marketplace like never before with Spenowr's latest addition – the Product Bidding feature! Sellers now have the power to set their product prices through bidding, letting them choose the value that suits them best, whether it's high or low. Buyers, get ready for an exciting journey – you can now engage directly with sellers to bid on the price of your desired products.

Sellers, take charge and showcase your products with the flexibility of bidding, tailoring prices to your preferences. Buyers, this is your chance to negotiate and find the perfect deal. It's a win-win for everyone in our dynamic marketplace. So, dive into the world of Product Bidding on Spenowr, where every bid is a step towards a fantastic deal!

6. Scan and Connect: Spenowr’s QR code profie feature

Introducing Spenowr's latest enhancement – the Generate QR Code feature! Now, connecting with your Spenowr profile is as simple as a scan away. Each user can now access a unique QR code in their profile, making it effortless to share and connect across devices. Whether you're looking to network with fellow creatives or share your profile with friends, the QR code is your instant ticket.

Simply open your Spenowr profile, find your personalized QR code, and scan it using another device. It's a quick and seamless way to share your creativity and connect with others. Spenowr's QR Code Profile feature is designed to make networking and connecting on our platform as easy as a snap. Join us in simplifying connections and sharing creativity with a scan and a click!

7. Showcase your artistry: Spenowr’s Online Resume for Artists

Elevate your artistic journey with Spenowr's latest offering – the Online Resume for Artists. Now, every user can curate a comprehensive showcase of their creative prowess within their profile. The resume section becomes a personalized haven, where your portfolio unfolds alongside your profile image, artworks, events, podcasts, products, services, and more. It's a dynamic canvas that encapsulates your artistic identity, providing both a visual feast and an insightful overview.

For users exploring the vast realm of creativity, the Online Resume serves as a window into the diverse talents and offerings of fellow artists. Dive into the portfolios, discover the unique stories each artist tells, and explore their creations in a seamless and visually captivating format. Spenowr's Online Resume for Artists is not just a feature; it's an invitation to share, connect, and celebrate the rich tapestry of creativity within our vibrant community. Join us in bringing your artistry to life and creating a compelling online presence that resonates with fellow creatives!

8. Voice your choice: Spenowr’s What’s new voting feature

Engage in the celebration of creativity with Spenowr's latest addition – the What's New Voting option! Now, users can actively participate in spotlighting outstanding artworks through a daily voting system on the Whatsnew page. Each day, cast your vote for the best artwork that captures your attention, contributing to the vibrant community's shared appreciation of creativity.

This dynamic feature not only empowers users to express their opinions but also ensures that exceptional artworks receive the visibility they deserve. It's a daily ritual where your voice influences the spotlight, making What's New a collective showcase of the community's artistic favorites. Join us in shaping the narrative of creativity, one vote at a time, and let your choice contribute to the lively tapestry of artistic expression on Spenowr.

9. Breaking Language Barriers: Spenowr’s Writing Translation Feature

Embark on a journey of global expression with innovative addition – the Language Translation for Writings feature! Now, users can seamlessly transcend language barriers by translating non-English content to English within their quotes and poems. This powerful tool opens up a world of linguistic diversity, allowing users to share their creative expressions in their preferred language.

Whether it's a heartfelt quote or a soulful poem, the Language Translation feature ensures that the essence of your writing resonates across cultures and communities. Embrace the beauty of multilingual creativity and connect with a global audience on Spenowr. Let your words transcend borders and unite the world through the universal language of creativity!

10. Eventful Creativity: Spenowr’s New Events Feature

Get ready for a burst of creativity with Spenowr's latest addition – the Events feature! Now, users can showcase their upcoming, past, and current events as part of the services they offer. Whether it's a workshop, exhibition, or any creative gathering, users can present their events in a dedicated space, adding a dynamic touch to their profiles.

For those seeking unique experiences, this feature allows users to explore and purchase tickets to exciting events hosted by fellow creatives. Dive into a world of art shows, workshops, and creative gatherings, all within the vibrant community of Spenowr. Let the Events feature be your guide to a tapestry of enriching experiences and collaborative opportunities. Join us in making creativity an event to remember!

In the ever-evolving canvas of creativity, Spenowr's diverse array of features paints a masterpiece of possibilities for its vibrant community. From showcasing artistic portfolios and facilitating product bidding to unleashing the power of ChatGPT for image generation, every addition is a brushstroke that enriches the user experience. With the innovative Online Resume for Artists, dynamic voting options, and the ability to transcend language barriers, Spenowr becomes a hub where creativity knows no bounds. The introduction of the Events feature further amplifies the platform's dynamism, connecting users through unique experiences and collaborative opportunities. 

As we journey through Spenowr's rich tapestry of features, it's evident that this digital haven is not just a platform; it's a celebration of creativity, a space where artists unite, and a canvas where every stroke contributes to a vibrant and ever-expanding masterpiece. 

Join us on Spenowr, where creativity finds its home, and the possibilities are as boundless as the imagination itself.

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