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We all wake up with voice calls from our Mother. Her morning sunlit face opens our droopy eyes to start our day, not to forget, along came the chirping of nature too, with her rays of sunshine giving us a head start. Embracing, a warm cuddle, the day kicked off with a reluctant face, mumbling “Just close the curtain Mom”. Hearing this, she comes for our comfort, casting a curtain on us as a cloud. We freshen up ourselves playing with her, yet not knowing the value of, how precious she is.

She cleanses us with her touch. She crafts a beautiful morning. We were ready to head for a busy day. On the way, we cannot ignore the energy she bestowed on us and for our aspiring goals, she was the shine. She has been so selfless in bringing us joy, and giving us a fresh life every day, but still, we ignored her, less appreciated her, and took her for granted. Once she was offended, we tried all tricks to treat her better than before and gave momentary care to comfort her rather than gifting her, the love she deserves. Do you all know whom am I talking about? It’s our MOTHER NATURE.

Nature created, nurtured, and made us live in peace and think smart. As we grew up in her lap, pampered, we progressed too, unaware of our ignorance towards Smart living, defying nature. Anywhere and everywhere Smartphones, Smart homes, Smart Cities, Smart farming, Smart Metros but on the way destroyed & disrespected Mother Nature, molding plastic landscape all the way. Now the World we live in is getting warmer & we wish another world to go to, Mars. Wow! people were so futuristic. For the amount spent on Mars colonizer, can we not do better deeds in the world, we live in?

On the verge of advancement, we have been basking in the success of human connectivity, declaring the future is Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning but the Supreme has grounded us, giving a bare minimum courtesy solution, to protect the human race. She responded, “Your Intelligence is still Artificial and you are nothing more than learning machines”. She proved the act of love now, is to care for a person only through technology and not face to face. We were caught in a web worldwide. Streams were trash cans, the air was poisoned, the human had become what the …… man? Finally, MOTHER NATURE was in Revenge mode?

Earth has had enough that she was sanitizing herself from human dirt. We boasted ourselves expressing, that God wanted mankind to appreciate his creative beauty including his best creation The HUMANKIND. But many have ignored his secret message that a man has to be kind in appreciating the beauty around him while behaving humanely with his fellow human.

When his important message was being disrespected, he turned his Mother Nature’s fury on us. He did what we wanted, with a deadly twist. No fighting in the race, to offices. We wanted time to be slow and not to run fast, finally, the time obliged. We wanted less traffic on roads, yes it was done, but more traffic at home. Mom wanted us to spend more time together without realizing the consequences. It was done, but with a twist, questioning how long. It seemed easier to thrash or kill an enemy but God Created an environment where the enemy was in your friend. He had made it difficult to define who is the enemy and where is he, inside the one we hate or inside the one we love, the richer or the stronger, the human who is in a race with u or around you or in you.

It was Human versus Human. Don’t touch, don’t hug, don’t come near, don’t invite, and finally, don’t breathe still, we were not supposed to forget our humanity and behave humanely at the most. She made us kneel and pray or kneel as prey. We have been put back in our lives by the hands of the universe. Everything had changed upside-down, deadly silence had overtaken complex noises. Fresh air knocked down lives, machines had become unreliable, the power of God is all now that we rely on, and the inhumane strength is vulnerable to humans. Amidst this chaos, Mother Nature was healing.

The sky was happy seeing us even clearer. Clouds were glaring at us with teary eyes, whether to pour on us happy showers or sad showers. Air was choked with our pollution. Now she is breathing oxygenated air but still, none to breathe her, for everyone is with masks.

She became tidy yet tardy. Earth felt lighter than ever but feels the heat as many were burnt to ashes. She is set, yet upset to see the human race clearing. We all faced an unimaginable scary phase in our lives but a Mother is always compassionate. A reason for regret and revival, she started forgiving us. Day Dreaming Mornings, busy workplaces, friendly mocking, delicious noons, snack evenings, ever-lit nights, Outing weekends, strolling walks, endless chats, dating plans, marvelous movies Our lifestyle is back with a bang.….. It seems to be like, Alice in Wonderland from a phase of Virus in a Warrior land. Now it’s our past. Hard to believe things that happen around us were scary, all the more when we realize it’s real. We are a witness of an Epi____c.

I believe hope still prevails. Our headlines affirm that our Indian Scientists made Vaccines for all strains. Planted a thought of organic farming, which is in full bloom, sowed an AI seed for intelligent farming, a new fashion quotient all over the globe termed, Fitness. So much buzzing around us but still, I would give voice to become fit not only health-wise but a fit nature lover too, who does not abuse our surroundings, fit for work with less gender bias, fit to lit our night outs again but with a safe culture, fit to measure the love between relationships rather than love for materialistic things, fit to eat must be fit to cook too, whether boy or girl, a requisite to equally cook up interesting recipes in life. Fit enough to say LOVE IS IN THE AIR, allowing it to TOUCH OUR HEART because every touch has a memory.

Let’s gather every one of them and spread them as HUGS and get together our broken pieces. Be fit to love and to be loved. But, Mother is in control not as easy as before, still reminding us what we owe. As an ancient Indian saying, “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors but we are borrowing from our children”. We do not want a handful to do its part. We want a million hands together to NURTURE our NATURE to bring in Peace.

For me Peace is 

Priceless love to & from dear ones, 

Equality in Acceptance, 

Awakening our souls with positivity,

Calm & clean environment to clear our chaotic minds,

Empathy in our deeds.

When we love what we do, we love ourselves.

Small pieces of good work make us complete humans.

Our Interdependence is to find ourselves and Real independence is, to win over ourselves. 75 years of independence and Peace prevail, only when we realize we belong to each other.

Wish you all a Happy Independence. Let’s celebrate this miracle of Freedom with a SALUTE to all the warriors of our Land who may be in 


Their nature to SERVE and SACRIFICE for


Deserves a BOW.

Strong Conscience, Sweet Innocence, Sincere Heart

This is all, what it takes to be HUMAN

The Highest Valor of Mankind.

My friends, Hope you all support my message, as our real independence depends on behaving humanely.

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