Spenowr Launched Poem & Stories Podcast For Its Authors And Readers

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An Overview

An audio podcast enables users to listen to poems and stories while they are on the Go, without dedicated time to read them!

What is Spenowr?

Apart from your regular day-to-day job duties, do you have a creative side where you are a Painter, Crafter, Singer, Dancer, Writer, Photographer, Musician, or trainer teaching yoga/life skills, different sports, or exercise? Are you looking for opportunities to promote your creative skills and monetize them? Then Spenowr is here for you!

Spenowr is a professional network and e-commerce marketplace built for the creative industry that empowers individual artists, institutes, and businesses to showcase their creative portfolio, buy/sell creative products through the marketplace, offer custom training or services, look for jobs or hire creative professionals, participate in contests, earn through royalty/rewards and much more.



Why Audio Podcasts?

Screen Time impacts the eyes and is also speculated to be harmful to the brain. It leads to strained eyes, sleep deprivation, etc. Podcasts are the best alternative to visual media. It improves attention, memory and stimulates attention, and curiosity.  The latest study says the brain is more active listening to podcasts than watching visual media.



  • Podcasts are a great way to learn through technology.

  • Learning through listening is especially beneficial for kids and students.

  • Listening to Podcasts also makes one multitask.

  • It's easy and enjoyable.

  • You can listen to podcasts while exercising, when you get ready or when you are at work.

Listening to podcasts is much easier than reading an equivalent amount of text content. The hearing range has been proven to promote the brain more than visual/audiovisual content does. Podcasting is the revival of the dying form of verbal storytelling. Verbal Storytelling has been passed down from generation to generation but documented and visual media has almost killed it. Podcasting has rejuvenated this tradition.

How Spenowr Empowers its Writers?

Spenowr provides platform features to empower its Writers. To date, Spenowr writers were able to publish short quotes, poems, and stories on the platform. But we have constantly seen a need, where instead of reading line by line, users prefer to listen to poems and stories, that is where we thought of bringing this capability to our users. 
Spenowr has recently launched Audio Podcast which enables a user to generate audio for scripted quotes/poems or stories/blogs.

Our newly launched feature facilitates users to the audio podcast in 2 ways:

  • Auto-generate using Spenowr’s Artificial Intelligence Capability - This has different authors to choose from, which is a combination of male/female and Indian/foreign voices.

  • Upload my recorded audio - A user can upload his/her own recorded audio file.

While trying to launch the audio podcast feature, so much of our time and energy was spent getting the sounds and feel just right. It enables listeners to play stories/blogs or quotes/poems in their own free time.

Listen to some of our recent Poems & Stories podcast



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