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Heroes diversify. They can come from any gender, stature, or socio-economic background.

In 1965, India faced many problems, and two of these had a major impact on the lives of the ordinary Indian community. The waged Indo-Pak war and second the natural calamities of excess rain and drought created grain shortages.

My maternal family was no different from any other Indian middle-class family.

My maternal grandparents lived in a small one-room kitchen apartment in Mumbai. My grandfather was a semi-government employee and my grandmother was a housewife, a mother of five children. Though a family of seven, the house was shared by a total of eleven members. The extended family comprised of close relatives and family friends, cramping the house and every inch of the household mattered.

During the raging war and the food crisis, the then Prime minister, Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri gave a call to maintain a fast once a week. Afraid of being air bombed, a complete blackout was to be maintained post sunset.

This small household obeyed the call. Fast was maintained every Monday. All the windows were either painted black or black paper was stuck so that not a single ray of light would escape from the house.

My grandmother was then a young mother whose youngest child was just a few months old. She was not just a mother but the lady of the house.

The hovering flights, the loud trembling noises it created, and her children crying due to fright and hunger were concerning. It was difficult for her to cope with this situation. But she convinced her children, and they understood.

The lady of the house has to be strong. She is the pillar of her family.

My grandmother is a nationalist. India comes first for every Indian. My grandmom was no different.

For the generation who has experienced the Freedom struggle first-hand, nothing mattered more than following their leaders. For them, Shastri-Ji’s word was the ultimate commandment.

Until revocation, all the families in India followed the “Monday fast”. From the poorest of families to the richest followed the call. The economic status did not matter.

The common middle class participated in the nation’s struggle to maintain the self-respect of the country. The lady of the house shouldered the major responsibility.

Jai Hind!

Vande Mataram!

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