Razi Tahir: A Versatile Wordsmith, Cultural Advocate, And Emerging Literary Force

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An Overview

 In the world of literature and creative expression, there are individuals whose passion for words knows no bounds. Razi Tahir, a dynamic young author, freelancer, and cultural activist, is one such luminary who has carved his unique niche in the realm of storytelling and poetry.

Young Author theater activist and poet Mr.Tahir born in Kashmir Valley, started writing with the pen name "Razi". Tahir has a unique style and technique which makes his work different from others. He uses typical and pure Kashmiri language. Tahir faced ups & downs in his early age which can be seen in his poetry and other writings as he showed his affinity for nature, love, peace, and unity. His stories cover topics like life sufferings, family problems, day-to-day happenings, social changes, national integration, brotherhood, women empowerment, etc. He took part in several workshops, seminars, and hundreds of events organized by J&K Cultural Academy, Sahitya Akademi New Delhi, Ministry of Culture, NGO, and other literary organizations such as Maraaz Adabi Sangam, Fiction Writer’s Guild, National Art & Cultural Organization, etc.

A penchant for Creativity

Razi's journey as a wordsmith began with an innate curiosity and a profound love for storytelling. From a young age, he found himself immersed in a world of characters, conflict, and the beauty of everyday life. His mind, a fertile ground for ideas, constantly churned with thoughts about nature's wonders, the need for national integration, women's empowerment, and the essence of brotherhood.

A Diverse Palette of Expression

What sets Razi Tahir apart is his versatility. He is not confined to a single medium of creative expression; instead, he explores various avenues, from playwriting to short stories and poetry. This multidimensional approach to his craft allows him to capture a myriad of human experiences, offering readers a rich tapestry of emotions and perspectives.

A Tireless Pursuit of Knowledge

Razi's dedication to his craft goes beyond storytelling. He is a fervent learner, continuously broadening his horizons of observation and research. His insatiable curiosity fuels his quest for knowledge, enabling him to infuse depth and authenticity into his narratives.

Championing Cultural Awareness

As a cultural activist, Razi Tahir recognizes the power of literature and art to bridge divides and promote understanding. His work often delves into themes that resonate with the fabric of society, emphasizing the need for unity, tolerance, and the empowerment of women. Through his creative endeavors, he aspires to foster a sense of togetherness and social change.

Challenges and Triumphs

Razi's journey as a writer and cultural advocate has not been without its share of challenges. He has encountered critics and naysayers, but he remains undeterred. In a world that sometimes struggles to provide a platform for young writers, Razi Tahir perseveres, spending hours honing his craft and nurturing his talent.

Family: A Pillar of Support

Behind every successful individual stands a support system, and for Razi, his family plays an integral role in his creative journey. Their unwavering encouragement and belief in his talent have been a driving force, allowing him to chase his dreams relentlessly.

The Desire to Share

If there's one thing Razi Tahir wishes he could change about his journey, it's his initial reluctance to share his work. He believes that opening himself up to criticism and feedback earlier on would have accelerated his growth as a writer. Nonetheless, his determination to share his stories and poetry with the world remains undiminished.

Tahir Ahmad wrote and directed his first play "Khabar Aav Ma" in 2011(Sangeet Natak Akademi) on unity which was staged in the same year. Second play "Yee Cha Insaaf" in 2012 regarding injustice and corruption. After this, he continued with" Me And My Radio" - (monologue), "Wal Wadeh Karav", and "Tchop Dop Dagg" in 2018 for Sahitya Akademi New Delhi a play for (hope of migrant Kashmiri Pandit's return). Then he wrote "Qayamat" -2019 (Love story), and" Aashan Naash" -2020 (Radio Play). He also published his first book titled" Yele Aene Phut" in 2019 which is regarded as one of the most promising short stories collection and is appreciated by everyone and now working on 3 more books (which are almost ready), One of them is the Drama Collection. Another one is a Short stories collection and the third one is poetry which is almost ready.

His Collections

 He has recorded several short stories at AIR Srinagar & AIR Jammu. He also presented many papers throughout India. Currently, he is working as an accountant at the National Art & Cultural Organization.


1. "Khabar Aav Ma" in 2011 on unity which was staged in the same year.(Sangeet Natak Akademi).

2. "Yee Cha Insaaf" in 2012 regarding injustice and corruption.

3. "Me And My Radio" - (monologue).

4. "Wal Wadeh Karav" in 2012.

5. "Tchop Dop Dagg" in July 2018 for Sahitya Akademi.

6. "Qayamat" in 2019.

7. "Ashan Nash" in 2020.


1. Yele Aene Phut : 2019


1. "Anand" (An Activity Book for Balvatika) 

2. "Unmukh" (TRAINERS’ HANDBOOK FOR BALVATIKA), (under process).


1. Sahitya Akademi Yuva Puruskar Award

2. Legendary Award- 2021 by HF Foundation.

3. National & Art Cultural Organisation's Best Book Award.


1.Rehman Rahi (Magazine Reshmol - 2013)

2. Kashriss Lukeh Pathras manz Maskhar sund role

3. Kashriss Lukeh Adbass manz Nuswaenî Rang

4. Bandeh Pather Taruf te Saam

5. Kashmiri Zuban aur Lal Ded 


1. Asia Arab Africa Youth Hosteling Meet New Delhi - 2015

2. Participated in Lokotsab 2015 (Folk Festival)

3. Participated in the Annual Status of Education Report (ASER 2013)

4. Participated in NACO's Rouf Dance Workshop 2021

5. Participated in Uttar Banga Utsav - 2012

6. Participated in the 5th Intra - University Youth Festival 2012

7. Participated in Ram Sarup Ankhi Samriti Kahani Goshti 2022

8. Participated in Maitree Utsav, Dantan - 2014

9. Participated in Playwright Workshop (1st to 10th October, 2011)

10. Rashtriya Sanskriti Mohotsav (14 - 20 Jan 2018)

11. Uttarakhand Mohotsav - 2017 (31 March to 9 April - 2017)

12. Certificate of Participation in 25th Vasantotsav 2020

13. Certificate of Appreciation Maati Ke Rang (10-16 Nov.2013).

14. Participated in Spenowr Independence Day Writings Contest 2023.


1. Participated in Bhand Pather Playwright Workshop (1st to 10th October, 2011)

2. NACO's 15 days workshop on Playwrighting (2016)

3. Three-Day Playwrighting Workshop in 2018 by Sahitya Akademi.





A Legacy of Inspiration

 Razi Tahir's presence in the literary world is more than a personal pursuit—it's a legacy in the making. He envisions a future where young writers like himself have the platform and encouragement they deserve. His dedication to cultural awareness and his passion for the written word inspire not only his readers but also those who aspire to follow in his footsteps.

In a world filled with stories waiting to be told, Razi Tahir stands as a beacon of creativity, a cultural advocate, and an emerging literary force. His commitment to exploring diverse themes and his relentless pursuit of knowledge ensure that his literary journey is one that will continue to captivate and inspire

Facebook ID: rtahir.rbagath 

Instagram ID: @razi_tahir_

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