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A Painter Out To Keep His Dying Art Alive - Abhisek Ghosh

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His journey

Abhisek Ghosh, born in the well-known city Bhadreswar, West Bengal, is a painter and currently working in an MNC’s production Department.

Abhisek Ghosh uses a unique canvas to draw different Hindu God-Goddesses for his paintings, which are stuck together with a natural glue. “This paper is the best for miniatures as it lasts longer than ordinary paper and has a shiny effect as the layers are rubbed into each other using a stone or shell,” he said.


 His works are attractive, beautiful, and eye-catching to the naked eye, as they are set in a hue of colors depicting the lifestyle of Hindu God-Goddesses.

  “Even the emotions of the figures in the paintings of Goddess Durga with his courtesans are visible when viewed with the magnifying glass. Even though they are miniatures we as artists do it with our heart and soul. That is what makes this art stand out,” he said.



The Lord Ganesh paintings are extracted from Kachni Madhubani Painting Style and Pattachitra Paintings.It took approximately 2 weeks to complete, using sketch pens and Acrylic poster colors. “The paintings are done using sketch pens and Acrylic poster colors. Based on the size of a painting it may take from a few weeks to months,” he said.

His motto for all artists is - "Bring your humanity to your art. Bring your art to humanity".




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