Suman Sharma : An Incredible Madhubani Artist

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An Overview

 Suman Sharma is a folk artist who was born on the 20th of April and is an educator by profession. She lives in California, USA presently. She completed her Graduation with a B. A  in Political Science, followed by Post Graduation in Mass Communication, and then got a B.Ed degree to eventually become an educator. Suman always had been an art admirer since her college days. During college, she had a keen interest in visiting art exhibitions and galleries.

The pandemic was a really tough time for everybody. While most of us were terrified and panicked about the scenario then, Suman thought of trying something creative. She very well planned and made use of that difficult time. She tried her hands on paintings for the very first time and she was captivated by Madhubani's art style. 

Audacious Suman inspires many non-skilled artists, as she is self-taught. Suman attended art workshops and referred to online artists to sharpen her art form. Since then she has continued to paint and is constantly striving to take Madhubani's art style to the next level. Although not a trained artist herself, Suman is a prolific artist and now she coaches this art form to many other people, simultaneously learning from fellow artisans.

Suman says she started her career in the corporate world. However, after her daughter’s birth, she embraced motherhood, for which she had to give in to the corporate world and switched to an educator. This decision was tough though, it turned out to be great in a long term. Like every Indian woman, she prioritizes her family first and then everything else. 

“Do what makes you happy, Be happy with what you do” Suman is immensely satisfied with her job profile, as an educator and as a Madhubani artist. She is happy and content with how she has managed to balance her family and profession. She wishes to learn more about the art form in the coming years.

Defining more about her artwork, Suman expresses that a common theme present in her artwork is nature and Hindu gods. Her Paintings primarily possess naturalistic entities like flowers, birds, animals, and elements of the earth. She also loves painting Hindu gods like Rama-Sita, Radha-Krishna, etc.

 ” I believe the color palette in my artwork is what makes it unique. I take more time in choosing the colors rather than sketching the art.” says Suman.

 She uses mixed media paper, thick sheets, and various types of markers to create her paintings. Radha-Krishna’s painting on a large canvas which she has recently accomplished is her favorite artwork. Love and compliment from people motivate her to paint.

“Every painting that I finish is a lesson learned for me. The mistakes and omissions motivate me to try harder next time. Overall, it is the journey of concept to art that gives me immense joy.” says Suman. 

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