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Samiksha Singh: Delhi-born Painter’s Inner Self On Canvas

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An overview



Born in the capital of India, Samiksha Singh is an emerging artist along with a beautiful nature painter. 

This young and dynamic visual artist has completed her Graduation from Delhi College of Arts, Rajouri Garden , New delhi.  Her paintings include portraits, landscapes , creative painting and currently she is experimenting with abstract art.

Samiksha's paintings uniquely and precisely describe the images of nature as seen by her eyes. The visual language which Samiksha expresses with her art strokes is superiorly imaginative and holds roots in the real world subject.

her struggle

From an early age, she illustrated an innate artistic talent and continued to bring her creative passion to painting.

She didn't face any financial problems as her father supports her very much.

She uses low cost material as the artist always believes that skills and artistic mindset is more important than costly materials.

Her struggle started when she decided to make her career as a professional artist. She didn’t buy good quality art supplies such as the big size of the canvas, a large number of colors, or some good quality paint brushes.

This early enthusiasm has now become the driving force of her passion. Her passion for drawing started with her love for colors. But now she is a full-time painter & wants to sell her paintings. 

Her artstyle is full of colours , vibrance,  textures and figurative abstracts also. She loves to create colourful artworks due to her attraction towards colours. Her paintings possess a unique blend of different colours which captures viewer’s attention. Since Jan, 2015 she pursued her career as a professional fine artist. She has officiated her talent since 2015, displaying her beautiful creations through Instagram page @artistictrance96 and Facebook page: artistictrance9096.


her best participated artwork



Her theme of the artwork is based on 'chess board'. “It takes at least 10-12hours for me to complete” using acrylic colors, some good quality brushes, and paper or canvas, as the artist said. She made the texture background by pouring acrylic colours on the canvas roll. The blend of different colours gives it a richness of uniqueness. She used a variety of colours to make the image enhanced and enchanting. It's valued at Rs 20000 (including shipping)


her creative paintings



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