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Kolkata City-based Pushkar Chatterjee Is An Award-winning Illustrator

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An Overview:

Kolkata City-based Pushkar Chatterjee is an award-winning illustrator of different popular picture books for children (fiction & nonfiction) and the Digital Painter, Illustrator, and Graphics Designer of 5 of these titles. His illustrations bring to life expressive, memorable characters that move and define a picture book story –and his rich, striking scenes for nonfiction historical picture books creatively capture the look and spirit of the story’s era.



HIs Life:

From 2014, he illustrated an innate artistic talent and continued to bring her creative passion to illustration. He started illustration by following Advertisements and Movies. The visual language which Pushkar expresses with his art strokes is superiorly imaginative and holds roots in the real-world subject. This early enthusiasm has now become the driving force of his passion. His passion for illustration started with his love for colors. He didn't face any financial problems as his family, friends, and relatives supports him very much.

He didn't face any financial problems as his family, friends, and relatives supported him very much.


His Message:

I believe that THE MAGIC TO PAINT ALIVE in your hands, not in materials. You should have passion and dedication for this field. Never lose hope, and try to continue to do your best.” the artist said.

Lastly, he would like to thank his family and teachers who believed he could achieve something in his life.



  • Ministry of the railway took his metro vector art and used it for their app and videos in 2020
  • Superman graphics have been displayed in DC Fandom 2021

He has officiated his talent since childhood, displaying his beautiful creations through his Instagram page @pushkarchatterjee and Facebook page: pushkar.chatterjee.3


His Creatives:




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