R Chandrasekar: An Award Winning Portrait Artist

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An Overview

R Chandrasekar is a classically trained portrait painter now living and working in the heart of Chennai, Tamilnadu. He is a portrait artist and motivational speaker. Chandrasekar is thinking about art, its language, and how self-reflexivity can be made intrinsic to it. According to Chandrasekar, the “use of drawing and video in performative modes mark him out as one of the most interesting voices in the contemporary Indian art scene".

Early Life

He is born in Chennai. From an early age, Chandrasekar had a strong visual interest, finding it more interesting to look at the cover of a book rather than the text inside it. At school, he found his main interest was the art classes. Fortunately, he had a teacher who spotted his artistic abilities and encouraged him to study art full-time.

He was inspired by some very talented people and strove to rise to their level throughout his career.

As an artist, Chandrasekar said "I’ve always aimed to blend Impressionism with Realism, especially when drawing and painting the human form, which is my favorite subject. I feel this balance between styles is best shown in my ability to capture the form and in my use of light and shadow."

An avid painter, Chandrasekar likes to explore themes and subjects in a special way so as to bring to life the essence and ethos of his subjects, which have been very diverse as can be seen from his portfolio. He uses (charcoal, graphite, and pen) for sketching to make the best.


A painter of bespoke portraits he undertakes various commissions ranging from individuals to families and professionals. His styles include: themed, formal, informal, highly rendered. His use of media includes charcoal. He leads workshops and art groups ., demonstrating the process of his work. 

His Instagram Id is @Eegaisartz





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