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Living Room Home Decor Products That Will Leave You Wanting More

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An overview

Wood home decoration ideas are perfect for anyone who wants a comfortable cottage feel in their living space. Wood decor is straightforward to find and easy to maintain, so why not create an interior design that's chic, yet charming? bring in some vintage accents, and you've got a pleasant looking living space that features all of your wood home decoration ideas and creations.


India’s vast repertoire of hand crafted decor and style finds its origins in folklore, mythology, epics and native customs, and each region’s arts and crafts are an intrinsic reflection of our ethnic diversity and interesting culture.


The best thing about wood decor is that if you're handy, you'll easily create your own decorations to put in your home. The designs don't need to be intricately carved; just create something that matches the present decor in your living space.


1. Wooden Lord Jagannath Craft

Odisha is a melting pot of crafts led by the scroll painting form - Pattachitra with wood, an ancient art technique that depicts folktales and mythological tales. Likewise, animals, birds, flowers, Gods and more. Papier Mache is native to the villages of Keonjhar district and you'll find lamp shades, wall hangings and other decorative pieces.

2. Wooden Birds

The luxury of Kashmiri Walnut Wood hosts a pair of splendidly crafted birds - who are beautifully exemplified within the elaborate detailing related to Kashmiri Walnut Wood. The confidants are decorative ones and are engraved by hands of skilled craftsmen of the Valley who frame the intricacies of their form out of a clear plank of walnut wood with the assistance of some tools and tonnes of creativity. Their wooden charm manifests itself as you place them on those barren shelves which crave for a kind . Bring home the animated charm of this piece of decor and let it make a press release of exclusivity and sophistication within your abode.



The toy town of Channapatna, about 60 km from Bangalore may be a haven for handicraft lovers. The craft today is effectively used to make several statement home decor pieces like coasters, stationery holders, kitchen towel holders etc made up of lacquered wood. Replete with motifs like elephants, owls and fish, these objects add a component of playfulness and pop of colour to any space.





This beautiful handmade wooden cow head for your home and office wall decoration. Home decor cow heads are a natural wood black color and easy to hang on your wall. These products are excellent examples of the creativity of skilled artisans and are highly acknowledged due to their smooth finish and attractive look.




Abstract Multicolor Canvas Wall Painting is an ideal tool to enhance your home/office look. The painting is printed on high-grade thick gloss canvas fabric with the use of high definition Abstract Multicolor Canvas Round Combo Wall Painting is similar to an artist’s masterpiece and represents true colours. Apart from enhancing the look of your living room, commercial setup, and bedroom, you can use it as a gift for your close one on his/her special days (birthday and wedding) and holidays. 





Mud work is one of the oldest crafts of the Kutch region. From mud work paintings, exclusive potteries to terracotta this place has offered all of it. Lippan Kaam or Chittar Kaam is the traditional mural craft of Kutch that can be traced back to centuries when this craft was used to strengthen mud houses for prevention against natural calamities.


As you travel through Kutch, you will be welcomed to the artistic embrace of beautifully decorated homes, each with a distinct tale. Locally known as Lippan Kaam, the traditional mud-relief craft boasts the fine skillset of the craftsmen while the glittering mirrors are a reflection of the cultural background of this region. The look of the designs are enhanced by the sparkling mirrors creating a dazzling effect on the onlooker. The products of this mud work have gained popularity in the modern world and are used for enhancing the aesthetic beauty of walls and decorative spaces.



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