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Digital Badges, Your Time To Shine With Spenowr

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An Overview

We live in a visual world where people make snap judgments about quality based solely on aesthetics. This means that the first impression formed on the quality of your digital badge program may likely be based on your badge’s artwork. It’s hard to imagine that this small digital artifact could have such influence, but it does. 

Digital badges, also known as micro-credentials, are visual representations that showcase achievements or display that specific knowledge, skills, and abilities have been acquired. These badges can be instantly verified in your portfolios, websites, and more. Badges can also be used as a learning base to determine whether an individual has the skills and knowledge required to build upon what is required to close a knowledge gap.

What are Badges?

Badges are small rewards that learners can earn for completing tasks or mastering certain skills. In online learning, they are typically displayed as small icons or logos in a learning environment.

Spenowr introduced a new feature like digital badges for their artists.

How do they work?

How badges work generally depends on who is issuing them. Spenowr has created an Open Badge Infrastructure specification to help guide artists.

Spenowr's model badge essentially states that artists must fulfill the requirements of the badge by doing certain activities such as verifying seller profiles to sell products, winning a certificate, or verifying their profile.

Spenowr's badges are now a static image but in the future, they should be web-based, and clickable.

When you've completed a certain number of tasks, a Spenowr may award you a form of digital proof that you've done the work.

Benefits of Digital Badges:

Digital badges offer a number of potential advantages. Here are some of them:

Spenowr can award artists for a range of achievements like contest winner, verifying your profile, top contributor, etc. An organization can create digital badges for anything from mastery of a second language to successful approval of a patent application. Artists can see their digital badges from their resume section of Spenowr profile.

Spenowr’s Digital Badges are like:

  • Contest winner 

  • Top contributor

  • Verified profile

  • Verified seller profile

1. Contest Winner

 If you are a winner of the Spenowr contest, you might be awarded the following digital badge.

2. Verified Profile

 After verifying your profile you will get verified badges.

3. Top Contributor

 Artists are awarded a Top Contributor badge based on the quality of content posted on Spenowr site related to specific interest topics.

4. Verified Seller Profile

 When an artist wants to sell their artworks/paintings, they should verify their profile.


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