How To Apply For Spenowr Badges?

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An Overview

If you have updated your Spenowr profile within the last two months, you may have noticed something new in your profile section.

Before you start telling people about your Spenowr profile, you want to make sure it's ready to do its job in showing off your expertise. If you don't yet have a profile, you want to create a Spenowr login and get started.


Once you have a Spenowr account, complete all sections of the basic profile and any additional features you want to add to put you and your business in the best light. Spenowr is like an e-commerce platform and a great place to showcase not only your past accomplishments and present work but also your work, such as verified seller profile, top contributor, contest winner, and more.

You should also decide how much of your profile you want visible to non-Spenowr members. Spenowr allows you to control what outsiders can see on your public profile. 

Once your profile is complete and ready for viewing by potential connections, it's time to create a Spenowr badge for your other online properties.


Spenowr's digital badges are like this:

  • Contest winner 

  • Top contributor

  • Verified profile

  • Verified seller profile


How to Apply?

 Steps: (Verified Seller Profile)

  • Log into your Spenowr account, and go to your Profile page.

  • On your Profile page, click on "Verified seller profile" under the "Options" dropdown on the top side of your profile.

  • Follow the steps on the page that includes your name, Aadhar ID, PAN Id, Id proof, etc, and send it to the admin for verification.

  • After admin approval, you can see your badges on your portfolio section and check that your badge is appearing correctly.


  • Go to Spenowr and log in to your account

  • Go to "Verify Profile" by clicking on the "Option" dropdown on the top left side of your profile.

  • Choose to verify profile section of your profile you want to display badges.

  • Follow the form on the page.

  • After admin approval, you can see your verified profile badges in your portfolio section.

Top Contributors:

Artists are awarded a Top Contributor badge based on the quality of content posted on the Spenowr site related to specific interest topics.

Contest Winner:

If you are a winner of the Spenowr contest, you might be awarded the following digital badge.

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