True Friendship

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True friendship

There was a deer live in the forest. The deer was very healthy and intelligent, one day he was searching for food, but he couldn't find it because there were so many deer living in the forest, because of this competition was always high and food scarcity present, an elephant came for help, he broke branches of trees by his trunk and gave those leaves to the deer for eating, so in this way they became friends, they lived together, eat together and goes for searching for food together. There was an evil jackal in that forest, he wanted to kill that deer and eat it. One day that deer went on to drink water from a river, there was a hunter with a bow and arrow disguised himself behind the tree and waited to kill that deer when the deer came near to the river, the jackal came and shouted “Don't go to that near river", there was a hunter looking for you, and he will kill you, then the deer ran quickly and went into that deep forest. The jackel doesn't want to help the deer really, but he helps because he doesn't want the hunter to kill that deer and take that body with him. The hunter was angry and shot that arrow at the foot of that jackal threatening to kill him, and asked the jackal “Why did you do that”? The jackal said to the hunter You can kill as many deer as you can because there are a lot of deer available here, but the hunter said I want only that specific deer because it is more healthy and fleshy compared to others, the hunter made a deal with the jackal. The hunter said to the jackal “Any bring that deer to me, in return I will give you flesh and meat of other animals, If you don't do it for me then I will kill you”.The jackal accepted it. The elephant listened to all of the conversations between the jackal and that hunter. The next day the deer met with the jackal, and saw the injury on the leg of that jackal, because the jackal was injured, the deer thanked him for his help, and because of his help the deer was alive, the deer offered help and took that jackal to his home and serve him, after some time the jackel felt better and they became friends. But the elephant came at the last moment and revealed the truth and the conversation between the jackal and the hunter to the deer, the elephant said to the deer that the jackel is his biggest enemy, he wants to kill him, don't make friends with him, but the deer didn't listen to the elephant and said because of this jackal I am alive, he saved me from that hunter, there were so many arguments in between elephant and deer, the deer said to the elephant that you are jealous of our friendship and now get out from here. The elephant left that place but he loves his friend deer, he anyhow wants to protect his friend deer from that jackel and hunter. The jackel met with the hunter and made a plan about to kill that deer, the plan was the hunter carries big stone and stays on the tree and when the deer comes under that tree then he throws that big stone on the deer and kills him, so next day the deer went for food , he searches and he finds some food grains under a tree , the jackel was with him, he told him don't go there, it can be a plan of the hunter for capturing you, so I will go first to that place if nothing happens then you will come, the jackel then went nar to that tree and after sometime calls that deer, the deer came to that place, the hunter started to throw that stone to that deer, at same moment elephant came to that place and shouted him to move, and said it was a plan, the hunter was presented on the tree and he will kill you, the deer was sharp in his nature, he moved quickly, the elephant threw that jackel under the tree, the stone was fall on the jackel and the jackel died immediately, the elephant shake that tree, the hunter fall from that tree and injured then elephant killed him and protect the deer, the misunderstanding in between elephant and deer was removed, the deer understood his mistake for not trusting him the elephant forgave him and they both took oath about protecting each other and remain friends for rest of their lives with fullfill their promises to eachother. In this way, the elephant kept his friendship even in a dangerous situation.

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