Chapter - 3: The Bird Thief

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Tutul is playing with his friend Pari, the parrot in the backyard. Oh! Pari, you always win said Tutul.

“I have to go, my master will be angry if I don't return home on time”, told Pari, the parrot. See you tomorrow Tutul. 

Pari flutters away.

“Ahh!! Not again. Wake up Boltu. We are getting late for school”, said Tutul. 

Tutul pulled him, howled near his ears, and made all sorts of noise to get him up but Boltu was still snoring, “Zzzzzzz”. 

Tutul tucked his face onto a pillow and farted, “Baarrrrrp”.

“Yeeww”, said Boltu, waving his hand to get rid of the fart.

“Sorry! pav bhaji from Mausi’s shop was too yummy last night”, told Tutul. 

Boltu and Tutul were walking to the school while people everywhere were muttering and chattering.

“Something's not right in Aamnagar”, said Boltu.

Boltu and Tutul stopped by to listen to people.

“Aamnagar has become silent without birds,” said one person.

“My Pari usually returns home by this time” Wept another lady.

“Where are all the birds?”, murmured curious Tutul.

“We must find all the birds”, said Boltu and set out in search.

“Look Tutul! There is a strange man with cages in the orchard. Let’s Follow him”, said Boltu.

Boltu and Tutul followed the strange man. After walking a mile, they found the stranger talking to a person who came in a jeep. 

“Is that Banke Bihari?”, asked Boltu. “ Look!! There is my friend Pari captured with other birds” said Tutul.

“There will be no birds from now on in Aamnagar, Ha ha ha”, said evil Banke and laughed

“Tutul, run and inform Baba and the people of Nagar about it”, said Boltu.

Tutul ran as fast as he could. Soon after, Bose, Naidu, and the people gathered. “Surrender Banke, you are trapped from all sides. You cannot escape”, warned Inspector Bose.

Banke was arrested and sent to jail.

Naidu released all the birds. “Fwoosh”

Like always Naidu sneezed. “Yuk!! You made me all wet”, said Pari.

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