Chapter - 5: Valentines Day

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It’s a bright sunny morning. Tutul could hear noise coming from the living room.

Suddenly, he woke up from his sleep and quietly walked out of bed to see what the noise was. Tutul was astonished to see Boltu’s perfectly-done hair,  ironed and crisp uniform, and polished shoes. 

“Are you all right, Boltu?” asked Tutul.

Boltu smiled at him while packing a big card and a flower bouquet in his backpack.

“Bye bruh!”, waved Boltu and started to leave.

“Wait for me, I will come along”, cried Tutul.

Boltu turned back and said, “It's a special day and I need some privacy”.

“Special day!!!”, Wondered Tutul.

Boltu blushed and said, “It's Valentine's Day, my bro”.

Tutul came closer and asked again, “What is Valentine’s Day?”

“Bye Tutul, I am running late. Someone special is waiting for me”, said Boltu and left.

“Someone special! Who?” Asked curious Tutul.

But, Boltu had left by that time. Tutul turned to the backyard to look for Pari, the parrot. Pari was sitting on the branch of a mango tree.

“Ah! Pari, you are here. Let’s play our favorite game”, told Tutul.

“Sorry, Tutul! We'll play some other day. I am waiting for someone special on this special day”, said Pari and blushed.

Tutul was confused. Suddenly, another parrot with a crest on his head flew next to Pari.

Both of them looked at each other and smiled.

“Woof woof”, barked confused Tutul to intervene.

“Oh! Meet Pyaare, my special one, my valentine, the love of my life”, said Pari.

Tutul understood what special one meant. He was disheartened as his brother, Boltu left him alone. And his friend, Pari also had no time for him. So he walked to the bazaar to meet his friends. But there he found none of his friends except Dugga.

“Dugga! Where is everyone else?”, Asked Tutul.

”They are all with their special ones”, told Dugga.

“Don’t you have a special one?”, Asked Tutul to Dugga.

Dugga gave a glance at Tutul and said “She fought with me and left, girls don’t like me. They say I have a bad odor.” 

“I like the way I smell. I love it. Don’t I?”, Asked Dugga.

“Oh, oh yes, you smell good”, stammered Tutul and sniffed with discomfort.

“What about you? Don’t you have a special one?”, Asked Dugga to Tutul.

Tutul looked away to ignore. Everyone in Aamnagar was celebrating Valentine’s Day. After a while, Tutul said, “Baba is away, and I must go to the police station in his absence, after all, I am his best boy”. 

Tutul went to the police station. Reaching there, he saw Banke had come to lodge a missing complaint for his dog Laila.

“Where is Bose Babu?  I have come to lodge an FIR. My dog, Laila, has been missing since yesterday”, said worried Banke. 

Naidu blew his nose and said, “Fwooosh, don’t worry we will find her out”.

“Naidu! I will take over this case”, said Tutul. All of them set out to find Laila. Tutul ran to bring Dugga along. After hours of searching, Tutul heard a whimper asking for aid from a pit hole. He tracked the whimpers and saw smooth light-brown colored fur, twinkling eyes, long lashes, and a bushy-tailed dog. Tutul was awe-stricken by the dog’s beauty. Tutul got lost in dreams for a moment. 

“Woof”, barked Dugga to get back lost Tutul. 

Naidu, Dugga, and Tutul could rescue Laila after all. Laila was impressed by Tutul. “Oh! You are a real police dog”, said Laila and blushed.

She licked Tutul and thanked him. Tutul was flattered. Tutul was swayed by Laila’s beauty and charm. “If you don’t mind madam, will you be my Valentine?”, asked Tutul with due politeness. 

Laila blushed and said, “Yes”. Tutul and Laila kissed each other and were together forever.

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