Chapter - 8: Election

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“Vote for Banke Bihari! Vote for Banke Bihari!” shouted people on one side. And on the other side people shouted, “Vote for MohanLal! Vote for MohanLal!”..

“Banke Bihari has more people on his side, he will win. But he is not a good man. He is bribing people for votes”, told Boltu. 

“I know, Mohan Lal is an honest man and helps people. We can’t see Banke win the elections. We can’t let him win”, said Tutul.

“How?”, Wondered Boltu and asked, “What can we do?”.

“I have an idea”, said Tutul. 

“Although Laila will be upset to see her master lose the elections. But no worries, she is my darling and she loves me more”, muttered Tutul.

Boltu gave a bizarre look to Tutul.

“Don’t give me that look. You won’t understand, you don't have a girlfriend”, urged Tutul to Boltu.

Boltu left in disappointment.

“Poor chap! You gotta go through long lessons to be as cool as me to impress girls”, mumbled Tutul.

“Hail Banke ji, Banke ji has been fasting for a week. He is a people’s man”, said one person.

“He sacrifices so much for all of us”, said another.

“Banke Ji is giving away his hard-earned money to all of us. He is so generous that he is spending so much for the welfare of the common people.”, said another person.

On the other side, Mohan Lal was giving away food and clothes from his house to the people who were in need. He was giving lectures on how they can work and earn for themselves. He kept telling people to keep the environment clean which will keep them away from diseases and they won’t have to run to hospitals now and then.

One day Boltu and Tutul were passing by Mohan Lal’s house when they saw Doctor coming out of their house.

Boltu asked, “Is everything fine at Mohan Lal ji’s house Doctor Saheb?”

“Mohan Lal and his wife are serving people in need. They are running out of food which has led his wife to sickness”, told the doctor.

Boltu and Tutul with the help of their father, Inspector Bose provided Mohan Lal with food and medicines. Boltu and Tutul were curious how Banke was so active despite fasting for so long. So the other day, they sneaked into Banke’s house. They found Banke eating plates full of delicious food. He was treating his workers cruelly and was not paying their daily wages.

 Boltu captured everything on his father’s phone. 

On the day of voting, when people had gathered to cast their votes, Boltu went in front of the people to speak.

“Before you all cast your valuable votes, We would like to show you something. Please keep your eyes on the Television right here”, said Boltu to the people.

Tutul turns on the Tv. People were taken aback to see how fraudulent Banke was.

People chased Banke to teach him a lesson. 

At last, Mohan Lal ji was honored as the new Mukhiya ji of Aamnagar. People praised, clapped, and cheered for Mukhiya Ji.

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