Chapter - 6: Trash Your Garbage

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“Boltu! Wake up”, screamed Tutul. 

“Zzzzz”, Boltu snored. 

Tutul poured a bucket full of water on Boltu’s face. Boltu woke up at once.

Annoyed Boltu, stamped his feet and walked out of bed to brush. Boltu and Tutul were eating bananas while walking to the maidan. They threw the banana peels on the street.

Mausi had gathered a pile of trash from her Pav bhaji stall in a corner, over which

bugs and flies were hovering. Women threw their daily household waste near their houses while Mukhiya ji on the other side was campaigning for clean Aamnagar.

“Keep your home clean, keep your streets clean, keep your nagar clean”

“Cleanliness starts from your home”

Just like everybody, Tutul, and Boltu ignored and left.

It was evening when Boltu and Tutul were heading back home.

While returning home, Boltu slapped tightly on his face, and muttered “Aaargh! These mosquitoes will kill me”. “One on your nose”, Boltu told Tutul. Tutul started tossing round and round to get it. After a while, Boltu and Tutul slipped so badly that they hit their head on a mango tree trunk. 

“Ouch,” cried Boltu out of pain.

“Are you alright Tutul?”, Asked Boltu.

'`Boom”, a big mango plunged on Tutul's head. Tutul lost his memory for a while. They both looked back and realized what Mukhiya Ji was saying. They both were determined to support Mukhiya ji in his campaign. The next day, Tutul and Boltu armed themselves and set out to clean the streets and every dirty place in Aamnagar. 

“Use a dustbin and do not throw your trash here and there”, encouraged Boltu.

“Keep your toilet clean to avoid hospitals”, urged Tutul.

Boltu’s friends joined and Tutul’s friends joined too to clean up Aamnagar.

“We are the warriors of Aamnagar,” said the kids and the dogs' squad.

People of Aamnagar, who had once ignored it, realized it is important and necessary to keep a clean environment.

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