Chapter - 7: Koncha, The Grocer

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Tutul and Boltu were walking to school, when someone cried, “ Help! Help! Robbers, robbers help! Help!”. Boltu and Tutul ran to find out what had happened. Upon reaching, they found that Koncha, the grocer, was crying for help.

“Koncha, Why were you crying for help?”, Asked Tutul.

“And where are the robbers?”, Asked Boltu.

“Ha ha ha”, Koncha laughed out loud and said, “There is no robbery yet, but I want to ensure that it doesn’t happen, so I called out for help”. 

“Will you both look after my shop, so that I can go and take care of my sick wife?”, Asked Koncha.

Boltu and Tutul were very disappointed by Koncha’s trick but still, they looked after the shop as Koncha’s wife was sick. The next day while Tutul and Boltu were passing by Koncha’s shop, they saw Koncha telling the same story to another person.

Tutul and Boltu noticed the same thing every day they passed by. One day Tutul and Boltu planned to sneak into Koncha’s house. So they went to peek into the house. They saw Koncha’s wife saying, “Mix the white substance with the rice and yellow with the dal,”.

Tutul and Boltu found out that they were mixing up colored substances into food so that they could cheat people and earn more money.

Boltu and Tutul narrated the whole story to Inspector Bose. The other day, Bose was passing by Koncha’s shop in disguise as a doctor. Koncha cried out for help like every day. Bose, who was playing doctor, ran to help. Koncha narrated the same story. The doctor said, of course, I will help you. But not by looking after your shop, I will go inside and treat your sick wife. 

Koncha didn’t like the plan as he knew if the Doctor goes inside the house, all his cheat stories will be revealed. He tried his best to stop the Doctor. But people who were gathered there told Koncha to let the Doctor see his wife. The doctor along with people entered the house and found out that his wife was not sick and they both were fooling people with their false stories to cheat people.

Bose uncovered himself to reveal that he was not a doctor. Koncha and his wife were caught red-handed and sent to jail.

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