Chapter - 7: Koncha, the grocer

Article : Chapter - 7: Koncha, The Grocer

Tutul and Boltu were walking to school, when someone cried, “ Help! Help! Robbers, robbers help! Help!”. Boltu and Tutul ran to find out what had happened. Upon reaching, they found that Koncha, t...

Chapter - 6: Trash your garbage

Article : Chapter - 6: Trash Your Garbage

“Boltu! Wake up”, screamed Tutul. “Zzzzz”, Boltu snored. Tutul poured a bucket full of water on Boltu’s face. Boltu woke up at once.Annoyed Boltu, stamped his feet and walked out o...

Chapter - 5: Valentines Day

Article : Chapter - 5: Valentines Day

It’s a bright sunny morning. Tutul could hear noise coming from the living room.Suddenly, he woke up from his sleep and quietly walked out of bed to see what the noise was. Tutul was astonished to s...

Chapter - 4: Ghost of Aamnagar

Article : Chapter - 4: Ghost Of Aamnagar

It was morning time, and Tutul abruptly woke up from sleep. Tutul gasped and said, “Oh! Baba is that you? I had a nightmare”.“You are my hero. You mustn’t be scared of anything”, told B...

Chapter - 3: The Bird Thief

Article : Chapter - 3: The Bird Thief

Tutul is playing with his friend Pari, the parrot in the backyard. Oh! Pari, you always win said Tutul.“I have to go, my master will be angry if I don't return home on time”, told Pari, the parrot...

Chapter - 2: Cricket Match

Article : Chapter - 2: Cricket Match

Hi, I am Tutul Bose, Baba loves me more because I am responsible, obedient, and smart. Baba says, one day I will be the best police dog. I always wanted to be like Baba. Boltu is just the opposite of ...

Chapter - 8: Election

Article : Chapter - 8: Election

“Vote for Banke Bihari! Vote for Banke Bihari!” shouted people on one side. And on the other side people shouted, “Vote for MohanLal! Vote for MohanLal!”..“Banke Bihari has more people on hi...

Grizzlys: Episode-3 (Lilly learns Rainbow Colors (VIBGYOR))

Article : Grizzlys: Episode-3 (Lilly Learns Rainbow Colors (Vibgyor))

It has been raining outside, and Lilly and Eden are happy to enjoy family time at home, at the same time they are worried about their friend Busy-Bee.[Rain stopped]Lilly and Eden are sitting near the ...

Grizzlys: Episode-2 (Lillys 1st Day to School)

Article : Grizzlys: Episode-2 (Lillys 1st Day To School)

Lilly is nervous. It's her first day at school.“Daddy! Can I stay back with Eden and have fun at home?”, asked Lilly“You are going to have fun with your friends at school dear”, said Daddy Gri...



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