A Pool Of Water

  • Author : Spenowr
  • Category : Dance

Rajan stayed in an unauthorized colony of Mumbai. He dreamt one day this would improve. His parents assured him it would get developed one day. As his house was built a long time ago, it was below the road. He wasn't very rich and to reconstruct the house a few crores would be needed in a metropolitan city. He felt helpless. Whenever it rained water got collected on the front and back. He removed the water with a cloth, squeezed it into a bucket, and threw the soaked water outside. He was tired of doing this.
His father was very adamant and didn't allow anything to be done. No construction work could be done without his permission. Also since his father was a heart patient, Rajan couldn't say anything. His mom was also very fed up. During the pandemic, Rajan gave away all his savings to someone he thought was needy who stopped talking to him and blocked his number. Rajan felt bad and it was like an error in judgment. His heart bled as he couldn't support himself now. This is today's world. Humanity has been mopped away and everyone is practical. Emotions don't exist. If you are emotional you won't be able to survive.
Rajan is yet to collect money to reconstruct his house.

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