Kp Rohit - Making Art In The Air With Stones

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An Overview

Have you heard of the young artist who is creating art ‘in’ thin air?

We say ‘in thin air’ here to give you a sense of his unique art form.

KP Rohit, a self-taught artist from Kerala, is mesmerizing people together with his unique aerial portraits. Take a glance at a number of his stunning artwork.


India is home to several artists. The list of artists goes on with sculptors, painters, potters, and lots of more creative hands. There are several sculptors in India who create fantastic sculptures with the assistance of stones. The art requires utmost patience and dedication. One such artist is a native of the Kannur district in Kerala. A native of Payyanur, KP Rohit has gone viral on the internet for his recent creation during which he created the image of actor Mohanlal.

Six-second image of Mohanlal in Air:

A resident of the Kannur district in Kerala, KP Rahul has replaced paints and creates art with the assistance of stones. He creates portraits within the air with the assistance of stones. it's through with the assistance of a canvas which is painted with stones then lifted within the air to ascertain the magic. Once the stones rise, the portraits are often seen for a fraction of seconds. Such quiet visuals actually look very astonishing.

One such creation by Rohit has gone viral during which he has created a stone portrait of South Indian actor Mohanlal. The portrait discretion not only gained him praise from many of us but also the actor himself.


Mollywood actor Mohanlal showered praises for the young boy and conveyed his best wishes through a voice clip that has gone viral on the internet. He also thanked the artist for his creation and expressed his wish to satisfy him someday.

The Artist on his Air Portrait:

Rohit said "I have completed my education. I have even done many paintings before. But it had been during lockdown I started trying portraits using stones. I even have done a lot of such stone art, but the last one among Mohanlal was noticed by all. Mohanlal who saw it also appreciated me."


Furthermore, he said, "Actually, I saw one such video on social media. Thereafter, I started practicing it. After several days of practice, I could come up with my first work. My friend Hariprasad shot the video on his mobile. Only in movies, the images within the air are often visible.”


Talking about his talent, Rohit said that he never expected such recognition from the people, especially the actors himself, and decided to work hard on his stone art skills.

In February 2021, Rohit was recognized by the India Book of Records for his unique portrait of AR Rahman made using small stones.

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