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Offline Marketing Tips: How To Promote Your Art Locally

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An Overview

Offline is currently still the number one way in which people purchase art. And this is often very true, but in extending our reach we frequently neglect a lucrative market that’s right in front of us our local art community.


People like to support local artists, and there are many opportunities open to you within your hometown that will support a part- or full-time artist. Here are some ideas on the way to market your artwork in your local community.


1. Join Art galleries

Local galleries have a longtime network of art fans and collectors who like to support up-and-coming artists. Because local galleries are small, they provide individual artists and exhibitions tons of hands-on attention, and that they specialize in bringing interested patrons through the door.

Some galleries will even allow you to pay to display your artwork for a group amount of your time, so speak to the facilities in your area and see what opportunities await you.


2. network with the local arts community

Most cities have an area Art Council, which placed on events and manage arts activities across a variety of disciplines. These bodies often give out funding and appearance for artists to undertake community projects and large-scale commissions. You’re competing only against local artists and have a way better chance of being recognized and funded.

In a local scene, it’s all about whom you recognize – so get bent local art events and meet people. Always carry business cards and postcards of your work to point out interested people.


3. connect with the press

Whenever your work is featured during a new exhibition, or you’ve won a contest or completed a stimulating project, write a touch handout and send it out to your local media contacts. What’s that? You don’t have any local media contacts? Well, it's time you started making some, isn’t it?

Send email or letters to newspapers and publications, asking whom you would like to contact about editorial features. Explain that you’re an area artist who is holding an exhibition and wondered if they’d like some free tickets to the opening? you'll also hold a little open studio event and ask the press along.


4. become a columnist

Local news publications both offline and online are always trying to find good writers who can write on interesting things and interesting ways. These are non-paying positions, but the continuing publicity is a fantastic way for an artist to realize more exposure to people that have an interest in art. Become the local art expert in your area and reap the advantages of additional traffic and more art sales.


5. team up with a local charity

Part of being a locally recognized artist is giving back to your community. you'll do that by volunteering to show kids art classes, doing the varsity holiday program at the library, or by teaming up with an area charity to supply a prize or entertainment for an occasion. Find a charity whose work you admire and whose core recipients or donors fit together with your target market.

Once you’ve chosen a charity, contact them and offer to figure with them on their next project or event. Perhaps you'll donate a prize to their next raffle, otherwise, you could paint murals on the walls of their center. Most local charities have a longtime relationship with the media, so by helping them out, not only does one get to try to do a pleasant thing for your community, but you’ll probably be written up within the media, too.


6. write interesting and helpful articles

Editors of newspapers, magazines, and newsletters are all looking for good, timely, and informative article content. Just make sure the content is well written, grammatically correct, and helps the reader to solve a problem or is able to inform the reader of something of value.


7. target your local market through social media

The main thing about Facebook and Instagram ads is their ability to succeed in your audience with laser-sharp precision.

Considering that you simply want to promote your artworks or your show in your community, you'll narrow your audience to your town and nearby areas only.



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