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The Silver Linings Of The Cloud

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An incident two years ago made history. I am the heroine of this story! My name is Priya. This story begins with my school days and how I reached a turning point in life.

The name of the school is Nataraja Kudam. My school days were just as delicious as everyone else's. Let us forget the passage of time and act as dear friends and warm teachers. My school is a beautiful forest full of good people who grow flowers and trees. People who are not only concerned with protecting nature but also with humanity.

Even today, the most memorable days are the time when I was studying in class 10. I studied happily and scored 460 in the general examination.

After that, everyone is asking the same question, what are you going to do next?

I joined the biology department as per my parent's advice as I didn't have any goals. This is why I studied in a government higher secondary school.

When we first came for admission, we looked around the school. I have been there many times in my childhood with my friends from the lower house, but this was the first time I looked around.

In those places, I was smiling thinking about how our beautiful days were spent. When I was studying in 6th standard, I dropped the bicycle that my father bought me many times and ran away from my mother.

I walked with a bouquet of memories of playing Badminton with my friends in pairs, grabbing snacks, and being happy from 4 to 6 o'clock.

There I also learned some things necessary for life in a good way. It was there that I began to understand that life is not just about studies. This story is a dedication to the great teachers who taught good education and lifestyle.

Then in 2nd class also with perseverance, I scored 490 with the blessings of the teachers. Was very happy. Parents and teachers all praised my fellow students and me.

When I was studying in the 2nd standard, I had a desire to become a lawyer, so I thought I could study that. Unbounded happiness for mother and relatives. They were more interested than I was. But when my father inquired about this, many friends said that it would not be right for a girl child to go and study there, so he also decided not to agree.

But I have completed three-quarters of the course for joining it as everyone agreed. Later, when my father took this decision, I could not accept it at all. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't. What are girls? I argued that both sexes are equal and that danger is not beyond us, but my father did not agree.

Those were very difficult times. I didn't expect all this to happen, so the suffering increased. However, I did not lose hope. Then one day a close friend of the father told him that his daughter had been admitted to an unfamiliar food section.

So my father also inquired about it and talked about adding it there, I had no other choice and I decided to come and see it. As the college is in Madurai, we finished our breakfast and left.

The parents decided to skip the bus trip and go by Makiklund as grandma and grandpa were coming along. We were happily playing and talking from song to song.

We agreed that whoever loses the competition should drink the decoction every day for a month. The match was interesting. In the end, it was the grandfather who failed. He also drank Rasayana daily. Even better, half of his ailments were cured.

In between, my father bought tea for the driver, grandparents, and juice for my mother and sister. After drinking it we started the journey again.

Initially, I went reluctantly. But the appearance of the college made me look unknowingly. The lights at the gate and the image of Devi Saraswati were very beautiful and huge.

Professor Sona, who was standing in front, kept talking to me with a golden face. Flowers and butterflies were on display all along the way. It seemed to welcome me. Then it appeared that I would get a more significant academic prize than I expected. Didn't expect this at all.

After that, the professor took him to the principal. He inquired about me. Then through whom did you join here? said. I also told them what happened. He also said that he will definitely go to a better state when he leaves here. Then he asked for the necessary details and enrolled me.

I studied in the hostel. A few days later college started.

I started collecting news related to this section by listening to the speech of some of the teachers present here.

It was then that I came to know about the history and developments of this college.

I started thinking less about my dream and started showing interest in it.

I was doing well in the teaching method with the help of my friends in the hostel as well.

One day a new English teacher joined. His beauty revealed the beauty of the heart. His name is Sayrantari. I received many types of support and knowledge from him. He was pleased with my reading ability and advised me to express my thoughts through apps.

I have been continuously improving my skills ever since. I am writing stories today because of that opportunity. Now it appears.

I don't know if I would have gotten so many opportunities even if I had gotten into the category I wanted then. Despite going through various delicious pains, today I am in an unexpectedly good position.

"Every cloud has a silver lining, but I had a platinum lining". ????

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