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Twining Souls

  • Category : Art

On a cloudy evening, the cuckoo clock scrolls nearly to the time 7. 00.  A woman needs to cross the road immediately after the car leave from the midway. Because she needs to reach her home before 8.00. She is a pregnant woman having 8 months baby in her womb. So she urges her to cross, but suddenly Rain starts heavily.

She got angry and got upset because she wore a beautiful new dark blue saree and hand-designed blouse, which weighs too much cause of thread and beads. She blew forcibly and wait inside the car shed for nearly 30 minutes. The clouds got moved from there so the level of rain decreased accordingly.

Finally, she made her move before she decides to make a call to her husband to explain this situation. But this climate made every single point of radiation stop according to the point of Nature's view. She is a crafter so she is an expert in considering minute things. At last, she realized that art must be created as individuality means it sucks by the way of uniqueness. She walk accordingly with the drizzles and got wet slightly.

On the way, besides the speed breaker, there was a damaged road connected with the post cum bridge. While she crosses beside the post there lightens so many beautifully covered candle glasses. Due to the continuation of rain make power off in that area. That time the blowing of candles makes the road inspired to empower the darkness. She feels so good to see those candle glasses.

At the time, she feels something make her flirt and pull inside. Suddenly she closed her eyes and felt a such thing which is pulling her inside. Immediately she reaches a spot with summer morning weather. She slowly felt something dry her finally she open her eyes and see that environment. She realizes that darkness is emperor through colorful painting. Suddenly her eyes got blurred and felt dizzy.

She can't bear her pain so she starts to murmur. Her gestures are analyzed by a medicinal herb named Anjali who checks that what's happening. It analyzed that she was going to die due to the leakage of blood and amniotic sac. That herb Anjali sucks its energy and inserts through her mouth. Its work was amazed by many beautiful flowers so they too help along with it.

Those flowers are getting ready to sing a song and dance to produce honey. They make that place ohh... laa .. laa... laaa..... That vibration helps that herb to insert more energy. The produced honey was filled instead of blood means her body was fully filled with honey and the power of yellow.

After the insertion got successful they decided to buy a new treasure for their flower world ie, her baby. Anjali got tired coz of disbursing all of its energy. Still, she made her mind strong to save her baby. Finally, Anjali operated on the mother's womb and bought twin souls into their world. Anjali and those beautiful flowers save the twin souls in a perfectly made jute silk swing.

That silks were produced by some precise plants. Suddenly every species that existed in that world got flatted on those twin souls too. After some hours, she revived her own. By that, those species too got revived among themselves also including the twin souls.

One who give birth her name was Saayaali but now she got token for existence in another life means one soul with twin centuries. Then only they realize everyone has got another life's token. That time Saayaali got hungry; everyone got hungry. If she needs to sleep; they too. Then only they came to know that got power of twining attacked between them and her which means soul divided into two parts; one for her and another one for those beautiful flowers.

These powers are also got by those twin little charms; Chaya and Maya. Accordingly, they enjoy their life with that uniqueness. That beautiful garden exists in the midway between Hell and Heaven so it was named Heaven by that ancient medicinal herb named Anjali.

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